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Frey on resurgence of the suburbs

Work by Geronimus cited in PBS's '5 important stories'

Schoeni and Freedman summarize the good and bad news on dementia trends among older Americans

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Needham, Hicken, Mitchell and colleagues link maternal social disadvantage and newborn telomere length

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Mon, May 7, 2018, noon: Student Forum on Educational Inequality

Fabian T. Pfeffer

Pfeffer comments on Fed report that reveals 20-year decline in net worth among American families

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"Liz Weston: Not feeling the recovery? You're not alone" - Chicago Tribune. 11/13/2017.

Although many indicators show a thriving US economy, the Fed's recent report tells a different story, with median family net worth lower now than in 1998 (in $2016), and working class families hit the hardest, with their net worth declining 34% since 1998. While the middle class held its own in the period, rising 3.5%, the net worth of the top 10% took off - soaring 146%. Fabian Pfeffer says this wealth decline among many US families actually started long ago - in the 1980s - but was obscured by the housing bubble.


Fabian T. Pfeffer

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