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Social Science One making available data that "may rival the total amount that currently exists in the social sciences"

Stafford's findings on gender gap in children's allowances suggest entrenched nature wage gap

Sastry et al. find parents with childhood trauma more likely to have children with behavioral health problems

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Student volunteers needed for IAPHS Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, Oct 3-5. Register July 23.

West et al. examine HS seniors' nonmedical use of prescription stimulants to boost study

Seefeldt promoted to associate professor of social work, associate professor of public policy

Martha Bailey elected to the Board of Officers of the Society of Labor Economists

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Fabian T. Pfeffer

Pfeffer comments on Fed report that reveals 20-year decline in net worth among American families

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"Liz Weston: Not feeling the recovery? You're not alone" - Chicago Tribune. 11/13/2017.

Although many indicators show a thriving US economy, the Fed's recent report tells a different story, with median family net worth lower now than in 1998 (in $2016), and working class families hit the hardest, with their net worth declining 34% since 1998. While the middle class held its own in the period, rising 3.5%, the net worth of the top 10% took off - soaring 146%. Fabian Pfeffer says this wealth decline among many US families actually started long ago - in the 1980s - but was obscured by the housing bubble.


Fabian T. Pfeffer

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