Richard A. Miech

Miech on the growth in student vaping

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"Devices to Quit Smoking Become the Devices Teenagers Can’t Quit" - New York Times. 4/2/2018.

Although e-cigarettes are considered safer health-wise than traditional ones, other aspects of vaping are creating deep concerns. First, the pods in vaping devices have a higher concentration of nicotine than do individual cigarettes. Also, a growing body of research indicates that vaping is leading more adolescents to try cigarettes. Richard Miech reports that the Monitoring the Future study found that of the 11% of high school seniors who vape, 24% do so daily.


Richard A. Miech

Additional Media Coverage:

"‘I Can’t Stop’: Schools Struggle With Vaping Explosion" - New York Times. 4/2/2018.

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