Achyuta Adhvaryu

Adhvaryu et al. link temperature to productivity in India's un-airconditioned garment factories

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"Why A Drop Of 4 Degrees Made A Big Difference For A Garment Maker's Bottom Line" - National Public Radio. 7/23/2018.

In a natural experiment, ISR's Achyuta Adhvaryu and colleagues compared day-by-day temperatures and garment factory production in Bangalore among factories before and after they switched from fluorescent to LED lights - which emit much less heat. They found temps above 85 degrees hurt factory productivity and profits, and since LED lights reduced temps on the factory floor by about 4 degrees, the switch to LEDs among fluorescent-lit factories is a good option for energy saving, productivity, and employee well-being in India's un-airconditioned factories.


Achyuta Adhvaryu

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