Richard A. Miech

Miech in Forbes: Vaping leads teens to smoking via nicotine addiction

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"E-Cigs Addicting The Masses: 'We Are Experimenting On Teenagers' Lungs,' Warns Stanford Professor" - Forbes. 8/10/2018.

This piece looks at what the growing popularity of e-cigarettes among young adults means for their well-being. It cites Richard Miech from a National Academy of Sciences report, who says: "Vaping can provide a physical pathway to smoking by creating an addiction to nicotine. Among adolescents, vaping strongly predicts future cigarette experimentation. As of January 2018, there were seven separate studies that looked at this issue, and they all found that among adolescents who had never smoked at baseline, those who vaped were on average about 3.5 times more likely to have experimented with cigarettes at follow-up, around a year later.”


Richard A. Miech

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