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Bruch on geographic proximity of dating

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"The Geography of Online Dating" - CityLab. 4/16/2019.

Most heterosexual singles search for a match close to where they live, according to a new paper in Sociological Science by Elizabeth Bruch and Mark Newman, both of the University of Michigan and Santa Fe Institute. Their study is based on a big-data analysis of interactions on a major online dating platform. (The researchers were required not to identify the site as a condition of conducting the research.) Specifically, the study analyzes some 15 million two-way exchanges between heterosexual users on the site. Bruch and Newman use these data points to assess the roles of age, gender, race, and proximity in heterosexual dating markets.

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"Online dating sites give us an intriguing look at how we meet people now" - MIT Technology Review. 4/11/2019.

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