William H. Frey

Frey discusses co-dependent relationship between today's younger, majority-minority generations and the declining white US population

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"Minority youth will keep America great, white anxiety will not" - San Francisco Chronicle. 7/31/2019.

In a San Francisco Chronicle op-ed, Demographer and PSC Researcher, WIlliam Frey discusses the Census Bureau's recent report of declining US white population. The current politics of 'white anxiety' come up against the need for educational and other investments in today's multicultural youths. "The demographics make plain that they have a co-dependent relationship with today's younger, majority-minority generations. As a consequence, {whites} and everyone else will need to count on growing populations of young minorities - Latinos, blacks, Asian Americans and other groups - to be primary contributors to the labor force, tax base and consumer base in decades to come."


William H. Frey

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