Daniel Eisenberg

Eisenberg cited in new Barnes & Noble Education Report that finds Gen Z college students grapple w/ extreme stress, mental health challenges

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"New Barnes & Noble Education Report Finds Gen Z College Students Grapple with Extreme Stress, Mental Health Challenges" - Fox 40. 8/12/2019.

The report found that college students are under more stress than ever before - driven by a variety of factors like the current political environment, academic expectations, financial concerns, making friends and more. In addition, the report underscores the role of universities, parents, friends and extended family members to better assist students in addressing mental health issues. The report also cites the perspective from three experts on this topic - Daniel Eisenberg, Ph.D., Healthy Minds Network, University of Michigan, said Victor Schwartz, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of The Jed Foundation and Ron Goldman, co-founder and CEO of Kognito.


Daniel Eisenberg

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