Paul J. Fleming

Research Shows a Mental Health Crisis for Immigrants

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"Research Shows a Mental Health Crisis for Immigrants" - Michigan Chronicle. 10/1/2019.

University of Michigan professor Paul J. Fleming published research on this subject with several colleagues July 15. They investigated the impact of the 2016 election on the health of immigrants in Southeast Michigan. One major finding was an increase in fear.

"The Trump administration has increased the number of ICE officers, raids, and is targeting a wider range of immigrants than previous administrations," Fleming said in an email. "That, coupled with the anti-immigrant rhetoric from the president and other policy-makers, contributes to a climate of fear for immigrant families."

"The mental health impacts go beyond undocumented individuals," he said. "The climate of fear has spillover effects."

Fleming said recent threats of "raids are just one more example of how this administration conducts immigration enforcement in a way that is intended to maximize fear and anxiety."


Paul J. Fleming

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