Sarah Miller

Miller finds that women denied abortions live in financial distress years later

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"What Happens To Women Who Can't Get Abortions" - Huffington Post. 1/29/2020.

Pregnant women who are turned away from clinics fall into debt and bankruptcy at startlingly high rates, according to groundbreaking new research.

"We find that being denied an abortion has large and persistent effects on financial distress that are sustained for five years following the intended abortion," wrote the report's authors, Sarah Miller of the Michigan Population Studies Center, Laura Wheery of the UCLA and Diana Foster of of the UC San Francisco. "Unpaid debts that are more than 30 days past due more than double in size, and the number of public records, which include negative events such as evictions and bankruptcies, increases substantially."


Sarah Miller

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"Women denied abortions live in financial distress years later, study finds" - CBC News. 1/20/2020.

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