Pamela Smock

Smock shows women perform significantly more and different types of housework than men. Could strategic absences help partners with burnout?

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"Short-Term Abandonment of Your Loved Ones May Help Your Mental Health" - Medium. 1/23/2020.

In spite of our intentions and egalitarian beliefs, we'd already fallen into the roles experts describe as typical. According to sociologist Pamela Smock, not only do women perform significantly more housework than men, but they also perform different types of household tasks. In a study produced for the department of sociology and Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan, Smock found women tend to perform chores that take place inside the home, and are more likely to be responsible for tasks that are routine, accomplished daily, and that are closely associated with childcare - things like meal preparation, house cleaning, laundry, and cleaning up after meals.


Pamela Smock

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