Sarah Burgard

Burgard and Kalousova discuss population health impacts of unprecedented COVID-19 shutdown vs. historical recession-led benefits

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"Recessions often improve population health, but COVID-19 may be different" - Boston Review. 4/15/2020.

Though research shows that recessions often improve population health and lower mortality rates for a variety of reasons, the unprecedented features of the COVID-19 shutdown suggest that trend might not hold this time, co-wrote Sarah Burgard, PSC Research Professor, epidemiology and public policy: "Predictions based on past experience must tread cautiously if we are to … mitigate the population health consequences of the coming recession."


Sarah Burgard

Additional Media Coverage:

"Recessions Often Improve Population Health, but COVID-19 May Be Different" - The Pursuit (Michigan School of Public Health). 4/23/2020.

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