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Mehta makes it clear why young people are leading the rise of COVID cases in Michigan: Socializing

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"Young people are leading the rise of COVID cases in Michigan. Here's what it means." - Michigan Radio NPR. 7/15/2020.

In this Michigan Radio story we learn that cases of COVID-19 are back on the rise in Michigan, and young people make up the majority of new cases.

Over the last month, people under 40 account for 60.2% of new cases. More specifically, people aged 20-29 account for 30.2% of cases in the last month, and as of the last census were just 14% of the state's total population.

This phenomenon isn't unique to Michigan: cases are skyrocketing among young people nationwide.

PSC Researcher Neil Mehta says it's clear why cases are increasing among young people: they want to socialize.

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