Gauging the impacts of federal R&D investments in U.S. universities

8/3/2015 feature story

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Margaret Levenstein
Jason Owen-Smith

Project Information:

Building a Social Science Research Community around a new R&D Data Infrastructure

This project brings together an interdisciplinary community of researchers and research policymakers to demonstrate the usefulness of next-generation infrastructure to conduct robust causal analyses of the productivity, economic impacts, and social influences of federal R&D spending on U.S. university campuses. The project will leverage the substantial data and community-building investments already made by both the Science of Science and Innovation Policy (SciSIP) and the STAR METRICS programs. It will integrate the efforts of three important science policy communities by bringing together: (1) network theorists and information scientists working on SciSIP-relevant questions; (2) economists and other social scientists concerned with evaluating the results of academic science and the role academic institutions play in regional and national competitiveness; (3) research institution administrators, policy researchers, and advocates working to develop and promulgate metrics for evaluating the effects of federal R&D spending, and of research and teaching, on university campuses.

Jason Owen-Smith, Margaret Levenstein, Felichism W. Kabo

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