What policies work (and don't) in promoting good health?

6/3/2016 feature story

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Paula M. Lantz
Helen Levy
Thomas C. Buchmueller

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University of Michigan Policies for Action Research Hub

The Policies for Action Research Hub produces innovative, timely, and actionable transdisciplinary research in select areas that will inform and strengthen the laws, policies, and initiatives necessary to accelerate progress toward a Culture of Health. The Hub is led by a Steering Committee of 10 faculty members, representing 9 different schools and research institutes, with expertise in over 15 different disciplines including law, economics, social demography, epidemiology, medicine, nursing, public health, public policy, business, sociology, political science, and operations research. Our research focuses on topics/issues for which there is currently a fair amount of action, yet existing efforts are somewhat fragmented, and suffer from a paucity of critical analysis and evidence that can inform best practices and future policy directions. We conduct empirical research projects on three emerging, fluid sets of activities and policies: · policy issues regarding social impact bonds or "pay for success" demonstrations, · "health in all policies" efforts at the state and local levels, and · interventions that target "super-utilizers" of health care services. A fourth project will address policy simulation modeling to assess the potential impact of various policy interventions aimed at population health improvement. Our primary focus is on exciting, emergent policy innovations that are in need increased conceptual and research attention. We address fundamental questions regarding policies/practices and the potential impact of innovative yet currently fragmented sets of activities that are spreading and scaling without a strong evidence base.

Paula M. Lantz, Richard L. Hall, Mahshid Abir, Mark Andrew Ilgen, David Mendez, Phyllis Denise Meadows, Holly Jarman, Thomas C. Buchmueller, Marianne Udow-Phillips, Helen Levy, Peter D. Jacobson, Kevin John Dombkowski

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