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How does increased access to contraception impact life events?

8/23/2017 feature story

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Jennifer S. Barber
Martha J. Bailey
Daniel Eisenberg

Project Information:

M-CARES The Michigan Contraceptive Access, Research, and Evaluation Study

The Michigan Contraceptive Access, Research, and Evaluation Study (M-CARES) will use large-scale administrative data, complemented by follow-up surveys and a randomized intervention, to estimate the causal impact of greater financial access to contraception. We will study effects on a broad set of outcomes, including contraceptive use, pregnancy, and parenting strategies; partnership decisions; health care use; education, labor market success, and public assistance receipt; mental health and stress; and life plans. The resulting estimates will inform a more complete understanding of the costs and benefits of financial access to contraception and, therefore, the investment value of related policies and programs.

Martha J. Bailey, Jennifer S. Barber, Vanessa K. Dalton, Daniel Eisenberg, Alfia Karimova

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