Faul and Mitchell discuss Combining Social and Biological Data

Combining Social and Biological Data

2/21/2019 feature story

• How does bringing a population-based perspective to biological data change what we know about ourselves?

• How best to do this type of research?

• What's going on in the Basement of ISR?

ISR Perspectives presents Jessica Faul & Colter Mitchell as the next speakers in the "Getting to Know ISR" public presentation series.

In recent years a substantial number of population-based and social science studies have begun adding biological data. These data can include genetic and epigenetic measures, telomere length, hormones, brain scans, clinical and inflammation markers, just to name a few. Including biological data expands the reach and potential of social science studies by adding richer health-related content to the survey measures we collect. Researchers using biological data can identify early biomarkers of health conditions and disease, elucidate the consequences of potentially harmful environmental exposures, and discover the mechanisms by which the social context and our life experiences change us on a cellular level. The union of social and biological sciences helps build a stronger case for the importance of social science research.


a Seminar:

Tuesday, 2/26/2019, 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Location: 6050 ISR-Thompson, Ann Arbor

Refreshments provided!

All Welcome.

Presented by the ISR DACCD Perspectives Committee.

If you need accommodations to participate in this event or have any questions, please contact abeattie@umich.edu.

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