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Fabian Pfeffer distinguishes between income inequality and wealth inequality, and the overall state of wealth in the United States today

Natasha Pilkauskas discusses importance of taking additional steps to ensure the CTC is reaching and supporting all eligible children and families

Jeff Morenoff discusses the complexity of police reform & public safety policy in Detroit and in cities across the country.

Kristin Seefeldt notes federal intervention lowered the percentage of Michiganders living in poverty from 11.7 percent in 2019 to 8.8 percent in 2020, despite the pandemic’s economic hardships

Heather Ann Thompson interviewed on the origins of the 1971 Attica Prison Uprising, citing deep racial injustice at every corner of the nation and human rights violations

Alexandra Minna Stern notes vaccine hesitancy may be informed by a comparable history of medical abuse which also included forced sterilization

Brady West and Paul Shulz (PDHP) support Detroit Police Athletic League (PAL) with survey analysis and interpretation on attitudes toward police.

Dean Yang notes in remittance disruptions in Afghanistan dampen the insurance role these often play in the wake of disasters. (WSJ)

Ren Farley discusses Michigan's biggest population changes revealed in the 2020 Census

William Frey discusses American diversity, the 2020 census and politics, and who will dominate spending power and eldercare.

Jeff Morenoff finds Detroiters' main reasons for not getting the COVID19 vaccine in the latest survey from the Detroit Metro Area Communities Study (DMACS)

David Lam surprised access to contraceptives doesn't have expected effects on women's later life health & economic conditions

Luke Shaefer says child poverty could be cut 45% nationwide by American Rescue Plan child tax credits.

Alexandra Minna Stern notes significance of CA effort toward eugenics reparations

Kathleen Cagney named new ISR director

Arland Thornton launches sociological studies of American Indians program

Luke Shaefer finds stimulus checks led to significant hardship decline among the most disadvantaged families

Sarah Burgard & Jennie Brand discuss why widespread health woes could follow from pandemic-driven job losses

Dean Yang's Combatting COVID-19 in Mozambique study releases Round 1 summary report

Helen Levy comments on how expanding Medicaid adds jobs in a state beyond healthcare

Pamela Smock discusses what's behind the falling U.S. birthrate

Congrats to Jessica Faul (Research Associate Professor), and James Wagner (Research Professor) on their promotions!

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Shaefer comments on the Cares Act impact in negating hardship during COVID-19 pandemic

Heller comments on lasting safety benefit of youth employment programs

Iglesias-Rios discusses dangers of COVID-19 outbreaks among Michigan farm workers

Stern comments on US history of forced sterilization in light of allegations about conditions in ICE custody

Schulenberg finds marijuana use at four decade high among young adults

Frey discusses challenges and accuracy issues with 2020 Census

Heller notes pandemic teen summer job programs help family finances and generate big reductions in violence and criminal justice involvement

Davis-Kean discusses Providing Health-informed Education Experiences

Shaefer comments on the impact of social safety net on hunger and poverty during the pandemic.

Mehta makes it clear why young people are leading the rise of COVID cases in Michigan: Socializing

Mitchell notes challenge of long term epigenetic human study design around pregnancy risks

Morenoff details How COVID-19 is Impacting Detroit Residents

Thompson on language messaging around national civil unrest

Thompson comments on how massive protests drive change, based on established historic patterns

Miller compares social safety nets of unemployment insurance and health coverage during pandemic

Morenoff and Wileden discuss economic struggles in Detroit as grief runs deep during COVID-19 pandemic

Conrad discusses public perceptions of assault claims against candidate Biden

Thompson examines prison labor in a time of Covid-19 and mass incarceration

Wolfers explains why solving health crisis is key to restarting economy

Levy notes that increasing the amount of Medicaid money to States during the Recession was an effective form of stimulus

Thompson examines the COVID-19 crisis in US jails and prisons, echoing the 1990s tuberculosis outbreak and policy errors

Shaefer comments on layered requirements in State jobless benefits creating 'red tape' during COVID-19 pandemic

Geronimus discusses cellular level impact on Black health (weathering) from structural racism in the time of COVID-19

Farley comments on economic impact of Census undercount in Detroit, Michigan during COVID-19

Children with access to SNAP fair better as adults, according to Bailey study

Yang discusses COVID and migrant remittances amidst World Bank warning

Mehta discusses how we avoid another surge as state COVID-19 cases plateau

Anderson comments on delays and potential undercount on the 2020 Census due to corona virus

Shaefer on Michiganders who could be at risk of not getting the stimulus payment/having to wait months for it

Burgard and Kalousova discuss population health impacts of unprecedented COVID-19 shutdown vs. historical recession-led benefits

Kruger finds surprisingly low level of knowledge about THC and CBD content and dosages among frequent cannabis users

Axinn examines relationship between Coronavirus, marriage and depression

Prescott, Starr, and Pyle extend case for early prisoner release in Covid-19 pandemic

The coronavirus may trigger tribal instincts. In times of crisis, people want strong leaders.

Starr discusses early release as Covid-19 takes hold in incarcerated populations

Mehta explains the factors behind getting data on the effects of social distancing

Lee and Ward finds the stress & uncertainty caused by the coronavirus has taken its toll on parents-& children are feeling the psychological & physical brunt of it

Frey says the digital platform of the 2020 Census might allow it to weather coronavirus and potential undercount

Miller comments on local efforts to provide healthcare to vulnerable populations

Shaefer discusses Americans with tight financial resources have fewer options as they navigate coronavirus closures and layoffs in NYT

Shaefer: Michigan strains unemployment system with most claims since Great Recession

Mehta's research on life expectancy crisis in the USA: The opioid crisis is not the decisive factor

Coronavirus quarantines will likely lead to an uptick in babies and divorces, expects Kruger

Shaefer discusses the economic impact of the coronavirus on hourly workers without remote work options

Study by Levy and Buchmueller finds After 10 Years of Obamacare, Racial Gaps in Coverage Persist

Akilah Wise and Pamela Smock consider what 'unintended' pregnancy really means.

Harvard Magazine looks at Inglehart and Norris' book - Cultural Backlash: Trump, Brexit, & Authoritarian Populism

Courant on The Real Problem With Grade Inflation

Study by Miller et al. shows that doctors prescribe more branded medications after marketing visits by the makers of those drugs.

Grengs discussed what it will take to achieve carbon-neutrality in 10 years at an Ann Arbor city forum.

Axinn explores How parents' love shapes children's lives in new study in Nepal

Buchmeller explains some of the benefits of a middle-of-the-road government health plan

Shapiro on how the Federal Reserve is turning towards private data

Jacob on lower access to CTE for poor and non-white students in MI

Farley writes: "100 years ago, Congress threw out results of the census." Could history repeat itself in 2020?

Frey: Just how demographically skewed are the early Democratic primary states?

Bleakley on the USMCA deal

US National Academies launches search for evidence-based programmes to support scientist parents after Cech's study

Armstrong quoted in the Michigan Daily: "young people see college as a unique life stage in which they don't - and shouldn't - have obligations other than their own self-development."

Ryan discusses how using data to drive policy at Wolverine Caucus (Michigan Minds Podcast)

Study coauthored by Freedman shows family caregivers are rarely asked about needing assistance w/ caring for older adults

Smock shows women perform significantly more and different types of housework than men. Could strategic absences help partners with burnout?

Study by Stephenson suggests 1/5 men with HIV may mistakenly believe they're not contagious.

Study by Stafford shows housework nearly equal between boys and girls

Miller finds that women denied abortions live in financial distress years later

Kruger talks about where else monogamy happens in the animal kingdom.

Bailey's research on paid parental leave cited in MarketWatch

Eisenberg - though universities are getting better at addressing mental health, symptoms appear to be growing more severe.

Frey comments on MI's decreasing population and net out-migration

To End Black Women's Maternal Mortality, Experts Say We Need This Kind Of Change


Geronimus comments on "weathering" phenomenon where black women age faster and develop chronic diseases earlier

Smock comments on a 'stalled revolution' when it comes to gender equality in the workplace

Starr on police tactics, potential entrapment, and the racial disparity in ­reverse-sting arrests

Pay gains for young women; inequality still seen

Hicken explores association of gun violence, segregation and public health

Miller comments on the mortality impact of having health insurance - findings from an accidental study

Shaefer named special counselor for MDHHS

Birditt weighs in on how to handle your relatives, as well as yourself, during the stressful holiday season

Research shows boredom is on the rise for adolescents, especially girls

Why Babies Are So Cute - And Why We React the Way We Do

Study by Miller et al. finds lack of expansion in Medicaid has led to >15,600 extra deaths/year. Governor elections next week in KY, MS, LA, & VA could effect this.

Study: In the long run, drugs and talk therapy hold same value for people with depression

Do paid family leave policies help fix the gender pay gap? Bailey's study found the opposite.

Shaefer explains issues contributing to the poverty in rural Michigan

Smock and Farley remark on the record low birth rate in Michigan

Yang et al. wrote about how temporary agricultural input subsidies have lasting impacts, as seen in the Mozambique experiment

Morenoff briefs Congress on costs of incarceration

Stephenson speaks to need for enhanced sexuality and relationship education for young people with rise in STI cases.

S. Miller speaks with NPR's Stateside about how the Affordable Care Act boosted financial well-being along with physical health

Research Shows a Mental Health Crisis for Immigrants

Geronimus' research - Biological Weathering and Its Deadly Effect on Black Mothers

Kruger to conduct a nationwide study assessing the patient-doctor relationship w/ regard to cannabis use and people's experience using medical marijuana

Sarah Miller comments on the U.S. Census Bureau report that found that the percentage of Americans without health insurance jumped.

Geronimus writes about her research on "weathering," or the constant presence of stress hormones in the body from our ceaseless daily grind over years & decades, & how stress is actually killing us.

'Ban the Box' Laws Could Negatively Impact Minorities, according to a study by Agan and Starr

Starr finds employers who weren't allowed to ask about applicants' criminal history may be more likely to assume certain applicants - especially black & Hispanic men - have one, even if they don't.

Washington Post quotes Shaefer about wealth disparity amongst older Americans.

S. Starr says new sentencing risk-assessment tool would introduce new sources of inequality & undermine transparency

Stern writes article for The Conversation: White nationalists' extreme solution to the coming environmental apocalypse

Smock talks data with Cadillac News: fewer people getting married in U.S., Wexford County

Eisenberg co-authors a study that finds trans college students are between 2-4x more likely to experience mental health problems than the rest of their peers.

Eisenberg cited in new Barnes & Noble Education Report that finds Gen Z college students grapple w/ extreme stress, mental health challenges

Stern speaks on WNYC, offering a scholar's analysis of the ideas of the alt-right and white nationalism, and where they're linked

Pilkauskas writes of how her research w/ K. Michelmore on the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) might help improve families' access to housing by giving parents more disposable income.

Opinion piece by Stern - It's Come To This: White Nationalism Is Inciting Mass Murder In America

Frey discusses co-dependent relationship between today's younger, majority-minority generations and the declining white US population

A new position statement by Mark Peterson et al. suggests that resistance training is vital to improving the health and longevity of older adults.

Sarah Miller & team finds that the expansion of Medicaid not only improves enrollee health, but the full expansion nationwide would've averted 15,600 deaths among the vulnerable Medicaid-eligible population.

Podcast interviews Stern about her new book - Proud Boys and the White Ethnostate: How the Alt-Right is Warping the American Imagination.

Barbara Anderson comments in NYT on Federal Law that protects citizenship status data from distribution by the Census Bureau

Anderson discusses impact of Administration's ongoing pursuit of Citizenship information around the 2020 Census with Michigan Radio

Burgard correlates job insecurity higher with negative overall health and depression than the impact of job loss and regain

Morenoff co-authored study on the effect of imprisonment discussed in Scientific American

Edward Norton (Michigan) et al. find Medicare Shared Savings Program may not be working as well as thought

Bound et al. find decline in state funding for higher education affected degree attainment

Bound and Turner interviewed by the Chronicle on their study of declining state funding for public universities

Geronimus quoted in the Economist on racial gap in life expectancy

Geronimus, Bound, Timpe et al. find opioid epidemic alone didn't cause life expectancy decline

Buchmueller on the connection between credit scores and auto insurance rates

Shaefer quoted in Washington Post on the proposal of direct cash subsidies

There is a growing moving-away from cities, Frey said

Harding, Morenoff find that imprisonment is an ineffective intervention for violence prevention for individuals on the current policy margin between prison & probation

Eisenberg on depression of student athletes

Cech finds LGBT federal employees more likely to leave job, feel less supported

Burgard's paper on gender and sleep interruptions cited in the Atlantic

Sastry finds higher household out-of-pocket adult medical costs for those who had more adverse experiences as kids.

Stern comments on difficulty of legislatively shutting down online hate forums

Farley discusses how smaller cities can revive their economies and populations by appealing to young professionals

Ryan says most states aim to keep families together despite a parent's history of drug use

Adhvaryu examines whether a simple intervention - asking workers for feedback - might be successful at reducing quit rates

Anderson and Ocampo frame the "Citizen Question" for the Census argument that will come before the Supreme Court

Starr speaks about her recent research paper w/ JJ Prescott arguing that the broadened expungement of criminal records is a crime-fighting tool.

Taking Accurate Count Of Muslims For 2020 Census Will Be Extra Difficult. Frey Explains Why.

Bruch on geographic proximity of dating

Jacob discusses structures to support student performance in transition to middle school

Farley comments on aspirations of young college grads with creative and tech skills

Colter Mitchell led study on the association of father loss and child telomere length quoted in the news

Erin Cech et al discuss bias and belief in meritocracy in AI and engineering

Bleakley commented on the effect of US-Mexico border shutdown on economy

Pfeffer and Killewald illustrate racial wealth gap with data visualization

Prescott and Starr on the benefits of expunging criminal records

Morenoff says criminal justice reform must do more than shrink prison populations

"The privilege of going to college in the US has always been about money", Pfeffer featured in Quartz

Binder and Bound examine the decline of non-college-educated men in the labor market

Stern's paper on the history of vaccines cited in New York Times

Amazon pullout from NYC shows the perils of partnerships between higher education and business according to Owen-Smith

Eisenberg explores the effectiveness of online treatment and counseling for college students

After a baby, 28% of new parents leave full-time STEM work, reports Erin Cech

Owen-Smith considers research team size and support of diversity of the research enterprise

Thompson says it is easier for police to seize assets from a black person than a white person

Burgard quoted in Huffington Post

Stern quoted in Smithsonian Magazine article on eugenics movement

Barbara Anderson weighs in citizenship question on 2020 census

Hicken et al. find neighborhood social context affects black kidney patients

Bailey explores how economics is trying to fix its gender problem


Miech and MTF study featured in BBC News

Geronimus' research featured in the National Geographic Magazine

Miller's NBER paper quoted in New York Times


Heather Ann Thompson gives advice to young writers, presents work

Hoyt Bleakley and his papers quoted in the Washington Post

Pilkauskas discusses rise in 3-generation households

Eisenberg discusses rising mental health diagnoses among U.S. college students and impact of social media

Study by J.J. Prescott et al. on noncompetes in the US labor force is quoted in Washington Post

Raghunathan et al. found behavioral treatment reduces urinary incontinence

Sarah Miller quoted in The New York Times

PSC trainee Ang with co-author find social media may reduce depression risk for older people with pain

Fusaro, Levy and Shaefer examine racial/ethnic disparities in the lifetime prevalence of homelessness

Miech in WSJ: "considerable jump" in adolescent vaping this year

Inglehart on declining income of white working-class Americans

Miller et al. find link between Medicaid expansion program and improvements in several measures of financial health

Frey quoted in New York Times on the Census Bureau's 2017 figures on foreign-born population in the US

Pfeffer: Wealth provided some Americans a "private safety net" during economic recovery

Shaefer sees small gains in US median household incomes as evidence of long post-recession recovery

Two new UM-Harvard partnerships address poverty and drug use in Detroit

Thompson works around prison system denial of access to information on Lee prison riot

Monitoring the Future data used in WSJ report on Gen Z

Schulenberg says likelihood of regular pot use among college students is one-third of that for noncollege counterparts

Bruch on aspirational pursuits in online dating

Stephenson commented on the recent CDC report of STD rate rise for the fourth consecutive year in the US

Work by Tang, Davis-Keane et al. finds maternal education predicts children's school success

Lam and Binder say marriage data alone may not prove the husband "breadwinner" preference

MTF data show high school seniors devote about 6 hours per day to digital media

Zabek together with former PSC trainees found that young adults living closer to their parents experience faster earnings recoveries after a job loss.

Bruch: Women's dating site desirability peaks at 18, men's at 50.

Miech in Forbes: Vaping leads teens to smoking via nicotine addiction

Bruch finds gender differences in successful messaging strategies on online dating sites

Bruch finds online daters contact prospects more desirable than themselves

Miech says social and attitudinal pathways may link vaping to marijuana use

Eisenberg et al. on promoting mental health among grad students

Bound et al. find declining enrollment of students from abroad may threaten affordability, quality of US public universities

Frey says America's declining white population should spur nation's investment in young minority populations

Mueller-Smith et al. study effects of violent crime on pregnancy and infant outcomes

Adhvaryu et al. link temperature to productivity in India's un-airconditioned garment factories

Johnson et al. analyze interplay of consumption with inequalities in income and wealth

Stephenson et al find "alarmingly high rates" of intimate partner violence among male couples

Stafford's findings on gender gap in children's allowances suggest entrenched nature of wage gap

Sastry et al. find parents with childhood trauma more likely to have children with behavioral health problems

Kusunoki and colleagues find brief behavioral interventions help reduce dating violence and depression

Geronimus: Stress makes black women 7.5 years older in biological age than white counterparts

Frey rethinks trends in Millennial mass urganization

Shaefer on new UN report about America's failing safety net

Miech: Percent of HS seniors reporting their parents' acceptance of marijuana use triples over past 4 decades

Burgard on economic downturns and rise in US suicides

Kruger selected to participate in Flint health initiative

Frey comments on continuing decline in American birthrate

Jessica Gillooly on training 911 call-takers to uncover caller bias before dispatching police

Johnson et al. use PSID data to analyze interplay of consumption, income inequality, and wealth inequality

Brown: Evidence indicates increasing minimum wage has a modest negative impact on employment in the short term

Wagner and Heeringa study facets of suicide risk among US Army soldiers

Shaefer on study showing US spends less on poorest children, more on the elderly, than it did 20 years ago

Kruger on how women assess men who display conspicuous consumption

Cech analyzes impacts on employees of "ideal worker norms" and workplace flexibility bias

Kruger: Social media's continual user attention seeking-reward mechanisms create dependence

Farley says black-white residential segregation is decreasing in the country's largest cities

Schoeni on worldwide caregiving costs of Alzheimer's

Burgard in Slate on health impacts of job loss fear

Frey on black flight from metro areas in the midwest to more suburban areas to the south

Thompson's views on SC prison riot go deeper than official account

Frey on resurgence of the suburbs

Work by Geronimus cited in PBS's '5 important stories'

Schoeni and Freedman summarize the good and bad news on dementia trends among older Americans

Geronimus offered an explanation for the black-white gap in maternal and infant health 25 years ago

Seefeldt on decision making under the stress of poverty

Burgard et al. find sudden loss of wealth at midlife linked to increased risk of mortality

Hicken's work links racism, chronic stress, and obesity

Miech on the growth in student vaping

Neidert on ripple effect of 'bad census'

Frey says Census citizenship question likely to threaten counts in TX, CA, FL, NJ, NY, IL, GA, NC

Pfeffer on the growing wealth gap in college attainment

Neidert's apportionment calculator used in analyzing impact of census citizenship question

Ryan and Jacob link state data on child abuse/neglect to academic performance

Murphy and Gould-Werth cited on transportation-social inequality link

Novak and colleagues on targeting Latinos for eugenics sterilization in California, 1920-1945

Adhvaryu on how promoting worker welfare contributes to profitability in India's garment industry

Murphy says suburban communities that declined in the 1960s fared better than those declining since the Great Recession

Levy et al find state budget gains outweigh Medicaid expansion costs in Michigan

Indian lab cofounded by Adhvaryu demonstrates links among women's skills training, employment, welfare, and company profits

Bleakley says state educational initiatives favoring skills-oriented career training may have more ROI for employers than workers

Bailey's study linking Pill access to women's wage gains bolsters NYT critique of federal anti-contraception moves

Frey on whether "Laws of Political Gravity" will count in midterm elections

Hicken studies how discrimination and vigilance differentially impact black and white women

Geronimus says people exposed to discrimination are "endlessly seeing tigers"

Jones leading project on anemia's causes, effects, solutions in Ghana

Shaefer says complex reasons for poverty make solutions challenging

More Fulbright Scholars from U-M than from any other research university in the US

Anderson discusses excess deaths under Stalin with BBC

Armstrong defends Columbia project as a "comprehensive self-study of undergraduate sexual culture"

Massey & Alexander: Did blacks in the Great Migration improve their children's prospects?

Frey: How do Detroit's millennials compare to those in other metro areas?

Stephenson: NSFG data show group of Americans with highest incidence of HIV among the least likely to get tested

Work by Geronimus cited in account of Serena Williams' maternal health complications

Alexander and Massey compare outcomes for children whose parents did and did not take part in Great Migration

Geronimus on pushing past early dismissal of her weathering hypothesis

Thompson: Censoring reading materials in prisons could lead to more, not less rebellion

"Me Too" momentum in the field of economics?

Miech says rise in vaping among teens not just cigarette replacement

Work by Novak et al. shows harmful health effects of anti-immigration policies

Thompson on the stalled efforts of US bipartisan criminal justice reform


Shaefer on mapping Michigan's poverty and well-being using 8 indicators

Xu et al find lower cognition at midlife for adults born during China's 1959-61 famine

UM's Wolfers on separating deep expertise from partisanship in analyses of economic condtions

Findings by Burgard, Kalousova, and Seefeldt on the mental health impact of job insecurity

ISR ranks 4th in UM's record-setting unit expenditures for research

Frey on why Michigan needs more newcomers

Martha Bailey among Bloomberg's 'People to Watch in 2018'

Research by Morenoff et al. examines causes and outcomes of prison returns

Axinn and West find US rape risk worse among women without a college education

Miller et al. find benefits of Medicaid for pregnant mothers in 1980s carry over two generations

Starr's findings account for some of the 19% black-white gap in federal sentencing

Frey says suburbs are aging, cities draw millennials

Pfeffer comments on Fed report that reveals 20-year decline in net worth among American families

Geronimus says Postville raid had cascading effects on health of Latinos

Cech et al examine why the STEM gender gap is smaller in Muslim-majority countries than in the US

Bleakley says administration's inaccuracies on Japan's US auto production cast uncertainty on policymaking

U-M struggles to maintain its mission of educating the working class

Frey comments on affordability in towns attracting young upwardly mobile adults

Projects by Mitchell and Needham part of NIH push in social epigenomics research focused on health disparities

Free speech vs. public safety: U-M considers Richard Spencer's request to speak on campus

Shaefer says the details matter in child tax reform

Prescott says Michigan's restrictive sex offender law hurts social reentry

Yang's work suggests Hurricane Maria will prompt increased migration from Puerto Rico to US

Morenoff, Nguyen et al. link prison revolving door to self-perpetuating system processes

Miller et al. find benefits of Medicaid coverage passed down through two generations

Reuters says U-M is 8th among "12 most innovative universities in the world"

Schulenberg et al. find 20% of teens diagnosed with concussion

Stephenson's mission? "Holistic sexual health research."

Buchmueller says employee wages are hit harder than corporate profits by rising health insurance costs

Davis-Kean et al. link children's self-perceptions to their math and reading achievement

Yang and Mahajan examine how hurricanes impact migration to the US

Sastry's work suggests those displaced by Hurricane Harvey will face daunting barriers for years to come

Patrick and colleagues analyze high-intensity drinking among adolescents

Schulenberg says MTF data show 39% of college students used marijuana in past year

Martinez-Cardoso says new threat of deportation impacts health of 'Dreamers,' their families, their friends

PSID: Charting American families for 50 years

U-M's Wolfers on study showing "outright hostility" toward women in economics

Savolainen links antisocial behavior in childhood to disadvantage and poverty in adulthood

Norton et al. put dollar value on relief from chronic pain for Americans age 50+

Seefeldt says TANF restrictions may limit program's help for poor Americans

Patrick, Schulenberg et al. find binge drinking rates declined differentially across race, gender, SES

Thompson's work on post-riot Detroit cited in series marking 50th anniversary

Survey that provided telling look into how Detroit blacks viewed 1967 riot largely ignored

Newly released report on the Detroit metro area's housing trends

Eisenberg says college athletes much less likely than other students to seek help with mental health conditions

Mitchell finds children who lose fathers suffer at cellular level

Seefeldt says hard work alone won't allow poor to reach middle-class status in America

Shaefer says proposed plan to cover tax cuts would hurt a lot of struggling Americans

PSID data show adults whose parents owned homes are 3 times more likely to own than adults whose parents rented

Cech says "rugged meritocratists" resist social justice efforts, believing that society is already fair and just

Frey and others weigh in on 2016 decline in US birth rate, driven by fewer teen births

Rhode et al. build data on migration and economic impacts of natural disasters in US

Large U-M survey finds Medicaid expansion helped enrollees improve health, job prospects, work lives

Panel study finds more tolerance, less extremism in Egypt and Turkey

Frey says crime alone can't explain why so many black Chicagoans are headed south

Smock cited in amicus brief for Supreme Court case on citizenship rights for foreign-born children of unwed parents

Levy, Buchmueller and colleagues examine Medicaid expansion's impact on ER visits

ISR data show large partisan gap in consumer expectations for economy

Thompson says public trust in prison system is unwarranted

Study by former PSC trainee Hershbein cited in NR argument that teen contraceptive programs don't work

Stafford explores differences in intergenerational job mobility for today's working men and women

QS ranks Michigan top public university in U.S., 21st overall

Shaefer says the US could fund a basic income program via a negative income tax model

Ryan says being suspended from school increases chances of spending time in corrections system

The Economist cites Inglehart in piece on strength of populism

Ela and Budnick find higher unintended pregnancy risk among non-heterosexual women

Patrick, Schulenberg et al. find trends in frequent binge drinking among teens vary by race, sex, SES

Detroit Mayor challenges U-M to analyze root causes, patterns of murders in city

Lam on what helps and hurts in world-wide youth unemployment

Buchmueller says must-access program curbs doctor-shopping for opioids

How America's culture war helps maintain support for current administration

Income and wealth rising fastest for richest Americans

Carrot, not stick, for curbing high-intensity drinking on campus?

H. Luke Shaefer and colleagues argue for a universal child allowance

Panapasa finds Pacific Islanders in CA have higher health risks, lower insurance coverage than other Californians

Hindustan Times points out high value of H-1B visas for US innovation, welfare, and tech firm profits

Novak, Geronimus, Martinez-Cardoso: Threat of deportation harmful to immigrants' health

Students from two worlds learn from one another in Morenoff's Inside-Out class

Cech weighs in on gender split in STEM programs

Applications due for ISR GSRA Tuition Support Program, May 1

Bound says US tech industry's claim that it has a shortage of qualified American workers is "hype"

Buchmueller and Levy discuss uncertain future of Michigan's health insurance marketplace under ACA

ISR's Scott Page says diverse teams produce optimal results

Bound, Geronimus, et al. find estimates of decreasing longevity among low-SES whites sensitive to measures and interpretations

Thompson casts doubt on the rehabilitative intentions of prison labor

Inglehart says European social democracy is a victim of its own success

Bound, Khanna, and Morales find multiple effects of H1-B visas on US tech industry

Prescott says public criminal registries have downside

Research by Miller counters claim that Medicaid doesn't yield improved access to health care

Daniel Kruger asks about smart-phone-captivated people: "What happens when they actually have to talk to a stranger in real-life social space?"

Levy says Medicaid expansion has been good for Michigan's economy

Surprising findings on what influences unintended pregnancy from Wise, Geronimus and Smock

Recommendations on how to reduce discrimination resulting from ban-the-box policies cite Starr's work

Brian Jacob on NAEP scores: "Michigan is the only state in the country where proficiency rates have actually declined over time."

Axinn says data show incidents of sexual assault start at 'very young age'

Miech on 'generational forgetting' about drug-use dangers

Impacts of H-1B visas: Lower prices and higher production - or lower wages and higher profits?

MTF data show 10% of 19-20 year-olds report bouts of drinking 10-plus alcoholic beverages

PSC trainee Zabek and former PSC post-docs Coate and Krolikowski find earnings recovery after job loss faster for young adults living near their parents

Work by Geronimus, Hicken, Keene, and Bound cited in piece on how current politics may impact stress at population level

Wightman, Patrick, Schoeni, and Schulenberg find today's young adults get more financial support from parents than young adults in 1980s

Buchmueller weighs in on potential effects of cutting back on Medicaid plans expanded under ACA

Frey questions whether urban sanctuary status will cover unauthorized immigrants in suburbs

Thompson talks prison uprisings in light of recent standoff in Delaware

Miech says teens who vape are more likely to smoke

Jacob finds Michigan schools had least growth in academic performance, 2003-2015

Seefeldt says lack of access bigger problem than dependency for those who need safety net services

Inglehart's work on Western cultural backlash cited in Atlantic story on Putin's popularity among nationalists

ISR's Atran and colleagues propose alternative approach to US counter-terrorism in Science article

Kruger says experiencing phantom alerts of incoming phone calls may be sign of technology addiction

U-M affirms commitment to international students and faculty

Bleakley says reversing US trade policies could be 'recipe for slowdown'

ISR's Scott Page cited on 'bee swarm' social influence in crowd response to Trump

Novak, Geronimus, and Martinez-Cardoso find fear of immigration can affect Latino birth outcomes

New study analyzes rates of intergenerational income mobility at all U.S. colleges

Frey's Scenario F simulation mentioned in account of the Democratic Party's tribulations

U-M Poverty Solutions funds nine projects

Dynarski says NY's Excelsior Scholarship Program could crowd out low-income and minority students

COSSA makes 10 suggestions to next Administration for supporting and using social science research

Thompson says US prison population is 'staggeringly high' at about 1.5 million, despite 2% drop for 2015

Levy et al. find Michigan's Medicaid expansion boosted state's economy while increasing number of insured

Lessenberry says Shaefer's book can help Americans understand deep poverty

Schulenberg, O'Malley and colleagues analyze link between state legalization and pot use among teens


MTF reports rise in percent of teens who see vaping as a health risk and decline in percent vaping.

Frey finds that, despite their rising numbers, urban minorities remain isolated from whites in many cities

Jadhav and Weitzman find women without home sanitation at greater risk of rape in India

Miech says declines in teen vaping likely tied to social rather than health concerns

Seefeldt says lower income black women need "real pathways to the middle class"

Stern, Novak, Harlow, and colleagues say compensation due Californians forcibly sterilized under eugenics laws

Burgard and Seelye find job insecurity linked to psychological distress among workers in later years

Former PSC trainee Jay Borchert parlays past incarceration and doctoral degree into pursuing better treatment of inmates

Inglehart says shaky job market for millennials has contributed to their disaffection

Stephenson says homophobia among gay men raises risk of intimate partner violence

Frey says having more immigrants with higher birth rates fills need in the US

Inglehart's work on the rise of populism cited in NYT

ISR's Dynarski examines US election effects on for-profit colleges

Rodriguez, Bound, and Geronimus find presidential party and infant mortality linked

Yang says proposed tariff on imports from Mexico could increase net migration to U.S.

ISR's Pasek and Conrad discuss the art and science of predicting election outcomes

Lantz evaluates private financing to improve public health and lower public expenditures

ISR's Traugott and others speculate on why election projections may have gone awry

Shifts in state population and political clout: The case of Ohio

U-M's Moniz says better Medicaid coverage for LARCs has promise to reduce unintended pregnancies

New minorities, the generation gap in political priorities, and the electoral map

Morenoff discusses the importance of neighborhood interactions, characteristics, and support structures

Jacob, Dynarski and colleagues find very large class sizes more common for black, poor, and urban students

Election outcome cartograms from U-M's Mark Newman offer a 'density-equalizing' look at national voting

Farley suggests how the University of Michigan might celebrate its history of diversity at its bicentennial

Kusunoki says contraception use patterns suggest greater risk of unintended pregnancy among poor

Groves keynote speaker at MIDAS symposium, Nov 15-16: "Big Data: Advancing Science, Changing the World"

Shaefer says drop child tax credit in favor of universal, direct investment in American children

Buchmueller breaks down partisan views on Obamacare

ISR's Conrad says mobile phone polling faces non-response bias

ISR's Jacob, Dynarski and team evaluate effectiveness of youth policy interventions in new U-M initiative

Thompson says public has a right to know what goes on in prisons

ISR's Scott Page says even a little group diversity can improve decision making, problem solving

Eisenberg uses performance statistics to gauge the impact of mental health on college athletes

Shaefer directs inter-organization, inter-disciplinary initiative on poverty 'connected to the real world'

Weir et al. find cumulated childhood traumas linked to cellular aging

Massey et al. say transmission of social disadvantage across family generations is higher than previously thought

Starr's work cited in HuffPo piece on racism in the US criminal legal system

Elliott co-PI on new study examining how early environment impacts children's health

Levy says ACA has helped increase rates of insured, but rates still lowest among poor

Bruch reveals key decision criteria in making first cuts on dating sites

Murphy on extending health support via a smart phone and JITAI

New analysis counters Shaefer's finding that households living on $2/day/person rose post welfare reform

Former trainee Herbert says residential squatters may be a good thing

Work by Couper, Farley et al. shows impact of racial composition on neighborhood choice

Thompson details killings and shaping of official narrative in 1971 Attica prison uprising

Thompson says riots signal need for political reform.

Stephenson on research team awarded $9 million for study on HIV prevention in adolescents

Starr finds ban-the-box laws have failed to reduce racism in hiring

Inglehart says rise in Western right-wing politics tied more to culture than economics

Shaefer compares low-income Americans to populations in poorer nations

Smock says persistence of male 'provider' role contributes to increased divorce risk when husband lacks job

Farley says high integration contributes to cautious optimism on race relations among Detroiters

Geronimus says black-white differences in mortality "help silence black voices in the electorate"

Do universities need more conservative thinkers?

Starr critical of risk assessment scores for sentencing

U-M politcal scientists find ethnocentrism more powerful than economic concerns in opposition to immigration

Farley says current black-white neighborhood integration unexpected in the 1960s

Armstrong says incoming college freshmen can reduce their risk of campus sexual assault

U-M ranked #2 in Money Magazine's best colleges

Seefelt say modern labor unions represent broader social issues that resonate with public

Lam discusses shifts in global population, past and future

Thompson says LGBT social movement will bring new strength in push for tighter gun control

Yang says devalued pound will decrease resources for the families of migrant workers in Britain

Work by Brown, Ryan, Jackson cited in brief for UT Supreme Court case on race-conscious college admissions

Thompson says criminal justice policies led to creation of prison gangs like Aryan Brotherhood

Schmitz finds job loss before retirement age contributes to weight gain, especially in men

Kimball says Fed should get comfortable with "backtracking"

Schoeni's and Shaefer's work cited in piece on impact of 1996 welfare reforms

Farley on employment prospects for Detroit residents in booming downtown

Starr and Agan find that 'ban the box' laws may increase employment discrimination

Kimball looks at effective lower bounds for negative interest rates

SRC's use of random probability sampling featured in HuffPo's short history of election polling methods

Prescott says online case resolution can increase efficiency, flexibility of court system while preserving equity

Shaefer questions the efficacy of the TANF block grant system

Work by Schoeni and Shaefer cited in piece on the legacy of TANF

Attempted suicides among U.S. soldiers often occur before or soon after deployment

Shaefer and Edin's book ($2 a Day) cited in piece on political debate over plight of impoverished Americans

Eisenberg tracks factors affecting both mental health and athletic/academic performance among college athletes

Shapiro says Americans' low spending reflects "cruel lesson" about the dangers of debt

Heeringa, Mitchell and colleagues find potential genetic susceptibility to PTSD

Shaefer's work on extreme poverty cited in story on Sander's repudiation of Clinton-era welfare reform

Pfeffer says reasons for falling household wealth in the U.S. elusive, but it has been going on for a long time

Eisenberg says Walgreens' new mental health resources can help in screening and treatment

Clinton's and Trump's appeal to voters viewed from perspective of Neidert and Lesthaeghe's SDT framework

Richest Americans first to sell off stocks during 2008-09 market meltdown

Value of the 'Women's Card' in governments around the world

Stephenson assessing in-home HIV testing and counseling for male couples

Thompson says mass incarceration causes collapse of Detroit neighborhoods

Liberal-conservative gap by education level growing in U.S.

West says complex sampling more representative, cost-efficient than simple random sampling in national surveys

Kruger says STD theory of monogamy 'fascinating' but not definitive

Study: High school grade inflation eliminated, black-white graduation gap 5% larger

Kimball says cognitive economics provides insights on how to get people more of what they want

Fighting poverty with goats, bees, training, coaching, and monitoring

Buchmueller and others express optimism about current and future impacts of ACA

ESPN calls Eisenberg's Athletes Connected program a model for other universities

Fomby interviewed on her work examining family structures and sibling relationships

Shaefer says TANF has left the unemployed struggling at the bottom

Frey says political rhetoric inflaming America's race and generation gaps 'has limited returns'

Chyn finds new evidence of harmful long-term effects of growing up in disadvantaged neighborhoods

Detecting potential fraud in public opinion surveys: More on the debate

Stern says changes in reproductive rights in Latin America should be driven by respect for human rights, not fear of Zika virus

Armstrong on why women sometimes tolerate sexism in private that otherwise may seem socially unacceptable

Seelye highlighted for her work in Detroit

Stephenson works with target audience in developing mobile/web app to encourage HIV testing and prevention

Ryan and Perron analyze big datasets to provide answers to child welfare agencies

Frey et al provide U.S. "election oracle" based on assumptions about turnout and party support among demographic groups

Shaefer on why Rubio got it wrong on TANF

Stephenson discusses new online resource aimed at linking LGBT youth to salient community services and resources

Kusunoki discusses links between contraception use, relationship instability, intimate partner violence, and pregnancy

Bailey and Dynarski's research on wealth gap in post-secondary education cited in piece on growing inequality in US

Stafford's work on gendered distribution of household chores and allowance among children cited in NYT op ed

Stafford finds women who marry gain an extra 7 hours of housework per week while men who marry lose an hour

Murphy et al find best treatment sequence for children with ADHD is behavioral therapy before medication

Morenoff and colleagues find lower incarceration rates, shorter terms may slow community spread of HIV and STDs

Kruger says reports of phantom mobile phone ringing/vibrating more common among anxious

Stafford says too early to say whether stock market declines will curtail Americans' spending

Eisenberg says many colleges now train campus personnel to spot and refer troubled college students

Farley on new strategies for city insolvencies in Michigan

Owen-Smith says universities must demonstrate value of higher education

Geronimus's work on young childbearing among black women cited in new research on infant mortality by race

Armstrong says USC's removal of questions from a required Title IX training module may reflect student-administration relations

Fomby finds living with step- or half-siblings linked to higher aggression among 5 year olds

Frey says Boomers continue to make 'ground-breaking history' as they enter their seventies

Bailey and Dynarski's work cited in piece on why 2-year tech degrees not best idea for many students


Frey says using voting-age population for redistricting will 'intensify a divisive cultural generation gap'

PSC apportionment calculator projects 2020 loss of 1 in 14 of Michigan's seats in House

Seefeldt says that telling the poor they must get jobs does nothing to address actual job prospects

Miller, Thompson and Morenoff find environmental and social barriers to successful prisoner reentry

Detroit-related work by Farley and Morenoff covered in fall 2015 Ford School magazine

Geronimus says findings on health disparities plausible and disturbing

Seefeldt says many poor single mothers piece together resources from social networks

Willis finds those who stay on the job after age 60 stay sharper than early retirees

Weir's 2009 report on NFL brain injuries got more attention than neurological findings published in 2005

Edin and Shaefer's book a call to action for Americans to deal with poverty

Weir says pain may underlie rise in suicide and substance-related deaths among white middle-aged Americans

Weitzman says China's one-child policy has had devastating effects on first-born daughters

Davis-Kean's work guides parents in encouraging school success for their children

Farley's study of Detroiters' views on neighborhood racial composition illustrates ambiguity of term 'diversity'

Almirall says comparing SMART designs will increase treatment quality for children with autism

Thompson says America must "unchoose" policies that have led to mass incarceration

Alter says lack of access to administrative data is "big drag on research"

Axinn says new data on campus sexual misconduct will "allow students to see for themselves the full extent of this problem"

Frey says white population is growing in Detroit and other large cities

Mueller-Smith's work contradicts Becker's theory that uncommon severe punishment is a more effective deterrent than probable light punishment

Geronimus says despite positive effects of ACA, medical expenses still contribute to poverty

Kimball says U.S. should prepare for negative interest rates

Thompson says mass incarceration in America has widened black-white income gap

Geronimus's work noted in discussion of "persistent racialized stigmatization" of black faculty

Miller says user reviews of jail experiences reflect internet's 'democratization of expertise'

Yang says remittances from workers abroad increase educational attainment for children

Kimball's failed replication of Reinhart-Rogoff finding cited in argument for tempered public response to social science research results

Edin and Shaefer's book on destitute families in America reviewed in NYT

Johnston says rate of daily marijuana use among college students now greater than rate of daily cigarette smoking

Sastry's 10-year study of New Orleans Katrina evacuees shows demographic differences between returning and nonreturning

Stafford says less educated, smaller investors more likely to sell off stock and lock in losses during market downturn

Chen says job fit, job happiness can be achieved over time

Armstrong says gender double standard accounts for women's disadvantage and participation in 'hookup culture'

Starr says gender plays key role in length of prison sentences in federal cases

Levenstein on the use of synthetic administrative data to protect confidentiality

Lam says tightening global labor market good for American workers

Mueller-Smith finds incarceration increases the likelihood of committing more, and more serious, crimes

Johnston says e-cigs may reverse two-decades of progress on smoking reduction

Bloome says racial residential segregation is self-perpetuating

Frey says political fear mongering on immigrants and minorities ignores their importance in future economy

Bailey and Dynarski's work on inequality in college education cited in piece on Rich Kids of Instagram

Neidert says decreasing relevance of marriage reflected in growing percent of one-person households

House says resolving socioeconomic inequalities, not spending more on health care, will improve health in America

Kusunoki, Hall, and Barber find obese teen girls less likely to use birth control

Prescott finds reported sex offenses lower in neighborhoods with resident sex offenders

Geronimus says poor Detroiters face greater health risks given adverse social conditions

Armstrong's research shows parental advice helps lower risk of campus sexual assaults

Work by Bailey et al cited in Rolling Stone piece on how birth control has changed America

Geronimus says stress of poverty robs urban poor of many years of healthy living

Hicken et al. find that 44% of black women in U.S. have family member in prison

Seefeldt says 'consumption smoothing' behavior makes long-term recovery more difficult for economically vulnerable

Seefeldt criticizes Kansas legislation restricting daily cash withdrawals from public assistance funds

Frey says rising numbers of younger minority voters mean Republicans must focus on fiscal not social issues

Work by Garces and Mickey-Pabello cited in NYT piece on lack of black physicians

Prescott says sex offender registries may increase recidivism by making offender re-assimilation impossible

Smock says domestic inequality maintained by view that male partners 'help out' around the house

Geronimus says urban poor experience cellular aging linked to chronic stress of poverty, racism, everyday life

Frey says growing U.S. minority populations are critical to sustainability of economy

Jadhav's work on Asian assimilation in US cited by WSJ as highlight of PAA meeting

Kruger says high concentration of local fast food outlets is risk factor for obesity

Rodriguez, Geronimus, Bound and Dorling find excess mortality among blacks influences key elections

Frey says China is source country of most new U.S. immigrants

DeWitt's map of 40-year shifts in Baltimore's racial composition helps explain April 2015 uprising

Frey says America's black population is changing with recent immigration

Yang comments on importance of migrant remittances to future of recipient families

Bailey and Danziger's War on Poverty book reviewed in NY Review of Books

Bloomberg cites MTF data in story on CDC's anti-smoking ads for e-cigarettes

Bound says notion that foreign college students are displacing U.S. students "isn't right"

Bloome comments on Moynihan's controversial 1965 call for national action to strengthen black families

Hall et al find mixed correlations between religious affiliation and views on reproductive health coverage among women

Kimball discusses electronic money policy and the currency limits of bitcoin

Murphy explains why human service programs are reluctant to address transportation needs

Prescott says online option for access to court system can help equalize justice

Prescott and colleagues find incidence of noncompetes in U.S. labor force varies by job, state, worker education

Starr says surveys intended to predict recidivism assign higher risk to poor

Frey and colleagues outline 10 trends showing scale of America's demographic transitions

Brown and Medoff's work cited in story on the aging of American business

Frey talks with Tavis Smiley on the impact of shifting demographics in the U.S.

Xie and Zhou cited for work on income inequality in China

Bruch, Feinberg, and Lee model mate choice using data from online dating site

Conrad says sensitive information more readily disclosed in text than voice interviews

Frey finds most Hispanic segregation in large immigrant gateway cities

Eisenberg discusses U-M program offering mental health services to student athletes

Frey says current minority college completion rates predict decline in college-educated Americans

Bailey and Dynarski's work cited in Bloomberg article on growing U.S. inequality

Kimball and unnamed coauthor examine male bias in economics

Johnston's caution on teens' use of e-cigarettes pooh-hoo'd by Steve Forbes


Johnston says decreasing marijuana use among teens not easily explained

Singh discusses her research in India on infertility

Johnston concerned declines in teen smoking threatened by e-cigarettes

Bailey and Dynarski's work cited in story on sending teams of poor kids to college

Xie's work on Asian-American children's school performance cited in story on parenting styles

Lam says improving U.S. economy may spur higher fertility, but if not, we shouldn't worry

Jadhav comments on recent government-sponsored sterilizations in India

Frey says politics are being reshaped by four demographic trends in the U.S.

Frey explains the minority-majority remapping of America

Pfeffer and colleagues re-examine impacts of community college attendance

Smock discusses the "new American family" on NPR

Bailey finds federally funded CHCs reduced mortality and health care costs for those 50+

Levy says older Americans may not enjoy benefits of web-based health information

Bailey and Dynarski say women face worse labor market options without college degree

Frey says predominance of older white GOP will fade in long term given shifting demographics

Bailey's work cited on growing income disparities in college enrollment and graduation

Stafford says exiting down stock market worsened position of low-income households

Murphy says mobile sensor data will allow adaptive interventions for maximizing healthy outcomes

Frey comments on why sunbelt metro area economies are still struggling

Krause says having religious friends leads to gratitude, which is associated with better health

Work by Bailey and Dynarski on growing income gap in graduation rates cited in NYT

Freedman says older husbands take cue from wives on relationship satisfaction

Johnston says marijuana use by college students highest in 30 years

Inglehart cited in story on perceived translational issues in World Values Survey

Shapiro says Twitter-based employment index provides real-time accuracy

Xie says internet censorship in China often reflects local officials' concerns

Cheng finds marriage may not be best career option for women

Lam discusses youth population dynamics and economics in sub-Saharan Africa

Work by Bailey and Dynarski cited in NYT piece on income inequality

Pfeffer says housing bubble masked decade-long growth in household net worth inequality

House, Burgard, Schoeni et al find that unemployment and recession have contrasting effects on mortality risk

Frey says low turnover in House members related to lack of voter turnout among moderates

Smock says cohabitation does not reduce odds of marriage

Smock cited in story on how low marriage rates may exacerbate marriage-status economic inequality

Shapiro says Americans' seemingly volatile spending pattern linked to 'sensible cash management'

Work of Cigolle, Ofstedal et al. cited in Forbes story on frailty risk among the elderly

Frey says net immigration larger among Asians than Hispanics

Pfeffer, Danziger, and Schoeni find uneven wealth gains in slow recovery from recession

Xie, Zhang, and Lai find China's contributions to science and technology surpass those of other nations

Clarke and Ailshire find air quality linked to cognitive decline in older adults

Willis and Rohwedder's report on retirement and cognition cited in NYT

Renne says polio eradication in Nigeria complicated by government-insurgent violence

Kimball's argument against paper currency cited in NYT column on ECB's negative interest rates

Shapiro comments of the value of Twitter data for gauging unemployment

Xie's work on inequalities in scientific research cited in CHE

Raghunathan discusses importance of research for university students in India

Smock says half of all U.S. cohabiting couples end up marrying, 40% break up, 10% cohabit long term

Xie and Zhou study cited in WSJ story on China's political efforts to reduce income gap

Frey says Millennials are 'mired' when it comes to residential moves

Stafford says some Americans have used retirement accounts unwisely

Xie and Hsin say culture of achievement helps Asian Americans outperform white students

Karraker finds divorce after age 50 more common when wives fall ill than when husbands do

Willis and Hsu find dementia impacts financial decision making among Americans over 50

Xie finds rapid increase in Chinese rich-poor income gap

Prescott says workplace bullying not illegal in itself

Lam looks at population and development in next 15 years in UN commission keynote address

Mitchell et al. find harsh family environments may magnify disadvantage via impact on 'genetic architecture'

Frey says Arizona's political paradoxes explained in part by demography

Frey says rural U.S. populations shrinking

Johnston says effectiveness of anti-drug ad campaigns undermined by lack of funding

Inglehart cited in piece on association between wealth and happiness

Freedman finds caring for husband adds to wife's happiness

Yang says migrants who attend motivational talk make better financial decisions

Karraker says sexual activity signals psychological and physical well-being among older couples

Bound and Turner say larger college-age cohorts lead to lower per-student spending and reduced graduation rates

Fomby says stepfathers/father figures less likely to invest in children than biological fathers in intact families

Rodriguez, Bound and Geronimus say infant mortality rates fluctuate by presidential party relative to general downward trend

Kruger finds differences in how men and women characterize infidelity

Bailey says War on Poverty helped the poor on several fronts

McEniry says well-intentioned public health interventions decades ago may cause problems for elderly in developing countries

Terry-McElrath, O'Malley, and Johnston find link between energy drink consumption and substance use among teens

Levy says changing ACA requirements would prompt employers to reduce F-T employee hours to avoid providing insurance

Frey says large percent of well-educated movers to large U.S. cities are from Asia and Europe

Bachman says teens should avoid working long hours during high school

Burgard says upside of recession may be a decline in mortality

Kruger finds larger gender gaps in mortality rates in highly patriarchal societies

Farley says Detroit's tax base must be expanded for the city to rise from bankruptcy

Farley looks at why so many Michigan metro areas have fallen into emergency-manager status

Smock discusses gendered division of domestic duties

Frey projects demographic trends for 2014

Moaddel, Thornton et al collect data on appropriate dress for Middle Eastern women

Bailey says we need to embrace successes and learn from failures of War on Poverty

Bailey says War on Poverty programs are investments in nation's future

Kimball cited in criticism of WSJ column by Bret Stephens that 'trashes Obama'

Frey says U.S. population growing at lowest rate since Great Depression


Johnston says long-term declines in teen smoking significant

Study by Freedman et al subject of NYT piece on how seniors cope with limitations

Farley says lack of tax base will keep Detroit down

Kruger says 'male scarcity' drives conditions that lead to youth violence

Johnston says more teens recognize dangers of synthetic marijuana

Freedman et al. find 69% of older adults need some type of assistance with daily activities

Smock says glass ceiling still intact, despite women's workplace gains

Smock says focus on family stalls working women's careers in gender-biased workplace

Kimball cited in Atlantic piece on most important economic stories of 2013

Kimball says governments should recognize potential of Bitcoin

Kruger says much looting after Philippines storm driven by need, not greed

Kimball says negative nominal interest rates plus electronic money can smooth economy

Axinn, Sastry, Weir and Compernolle among U-M delegation to India's NCAER

Frey says lull in young adult migration may prove to be "new normal"

DeWitt says opportunity-enhancing effects of racial diversity hard to establish

Danziger cites unequal benefits of growing economy as reason for high U.S. poverty

Levy and Buchmueller say ACA subsidies will make health care system more fair and efficient

Stephens and Charles say employment has negative association with voter turnout

Krause awarded $8 million to study links between religion and health

Bailey's work cited on how family planning impacts lives of women, children, and families

Kruger weighs in on Nobel Prize categories

Smock and Lavelle's study cited in story on how ACA may spur divorce

Smock says notion of being engaged has become 'flexible'

Rachel Snow presents findings to UN from ICPD Global Report

Morenoff discusses new Michigan law that reclassifies some shoplifting from misdemeanor to felony (audio)

Bailey and Danziger's book cited in Nation story on interpreting the new Census data on poverty

Danziger says we must recognize success of antipoverty programs while improving employment for poor

Frey discusses how the Census Bureau's ACS paints a rich picture of America's current situation (audio)

Levy's work cited in story on balancing coordination and competition in health care reform

Findings by Patrick, Schulenberg, O'Malley, Johnston et al. cited in Fox News piece

Levy says Detroiters' pain of losing retiree health benefits will be softened by insurance exchanges

Neidert says mean age at first childbirth varies in the U.S. by state, affecting regional fertility rates

Burgard says working conditions drive mental health disparities seen in mid-life adults

Neidert and Lesthaeghe's analyses cited in NYT piece on shifts in U.S. voting patterns

Neidert discusses U.S. fertility rates and trends on PRI

Danziger and Pollack question House proposal to allow states to drug test SNAP recipients

Stafford says stock market declines discourage retirement saving

Smith looks at why 25% of students select colleges that don't match their qualifications

Wodtke finds inconsistencies among intelligent whites between expressed attitudes and support for policies on racial integration

Farley interviewed on what's gone wrong in Detroit and how Michigan is dealing with it

Smock quoted in Time cover story on rising childlessness in America

Xie discusses China Family Panel Studies in WSJ

Seelye wins funding for study of Detroiters who leave and who stay in depopulated neighborhoods

Seefeldt discusses rise in U.S. child poverty

Farley comments on Michigan residents' low 'well-being'

Kruger says health care official tours of Flint reveal "different sort of world"

Frey says young white Americans will play smaller role in the nation's demographic future

Bound's work cited in look at how retirement affects health and life expectancy

Frey says more deaths than births among white Americans signals big demographic shifts

Kimball joins debate regarding Reinhart-Rogoff finding on public debt and low growth rate

Krause says optimism higher in older people who believe others are praying for them

Terry-McElrath, O'Malley and Johnston find association between school drug testing and increased use of illicit drugs other than marijuana

MTF researchers find availability of soft drinks at high schools increases consumption among black students

Geronimus discusses causes, potential solutions to racial disparities in infant mortality

Bailey and Dynarski cited in piece on why quality education should be a "civil and moral right"

Kalousova and Burgard find credit card debt increases likelihood of foregoing medical care

Bachman says findings on teens' greater materialism, slipping work ethic should be interpreted with caution

Pierotti finds shift in global attitudes on intimate partner violence

Kruger says use of mobile phones may interfere with human interactions

Bachman says minority high school students employed part time work longer hours, fare better than white counterparts

Cheng and Xie find high school size effects likelihood of interracial friendships

Smock says many find cohabitation a 'legitimate family form'

Kimball says Bernanke is a hero of the financial crisis

Johnston says legalization of medical marijuana may affect teens' views on pot use

Seefeldt says poverty rate at highest level in 15 years

Elliott says blood lead levels tied to academic performance among Detroit students

Harding uses HBO's "The Wire" as context for teaching about urban public policy

Stafford finds shrinking proportion of labor force with retirement accounts

Bachman says employment of more than 15 hours per week linked to problems for high school students

Smock discusses why married people tend to be wealthier

Kimball interviewed by CNBC on why U.S. should have sovereign wealth fund

Seefeldt finds Detroit single mothers juggle debt in complicated ways

Frey says RI likely to lose another House seat in 2020

Frey says national rise in between-county moves signals better economic times


Bailey and Dynarski cited in NYT story on the growing role of higher education in class divides

Frey says drop in Hispanic birth rate driven by more than recession

Johnston calls downward trend in teen smoking 'striking'

Bailey and Dynarski's work cited in Atlantic story on growing educational inequality

Johnston says 1% decline in teen smoking translates into significant decrease in premature deaths

Johnston attends NIDA press conference to address 2012 MTF report findings

Bailey's work on the efficacy of federal family planning programs covered in LSA Magazine

Kimball talks paperless money, negative interest, investing vs. saving, quantitative easing

Work by Burgard, Brand, and House cited in Atlantic piece on recession and health

Burgard comments on study linking unemployment and heart attacks among older workers

House discusses role of stress in women's shrinking lifespans

Lavelle and Smock assess impact of divorce on women's health insurance coverage

Inglehart's pioneering work cited in Economist piece on national trends and GOP's future

Neidert tweets from NPR on election night

Stidham-Hall says depression, stress decrease proper use of birth control

Freedman says disability prevalence varies by age group among older population

Danziger comments on the influence of 'racialized rhetoric' in presidential campaigning

Burgard interviewed for RWJF Human Capital Blog

Danziger participates in NYT online debate on inequality and the economy

Best says U.S. medical research funding affected by social advocacy

Nicholas says advance directives help ensure preferred EOL care in all localities (online forum)

Danziger ties Michigan's rise in poverty to slow economic recovery (audio)

Barber says parents give less to their unintended children

Levy finds smoking ban has no significant economic impact on bars, restaurants

Danziger says slow recovery to bad recession has increased poverty in Michigan

Danziger says growth of low-paying sectors and shrinking high-paying industries are bringing down median incomes

Pfeffer says social mobility in US tied to parental wealth

Burgard et al. find job insecurity has negative health impact on workers

Seefeldt, Burgard, and Danziger look at fighting poverty in Detroit

Panapasa highlights need to understand health disparities of Pacific Island population in US

Danziger comments on disparities in recent US disemployment

Li says friendships and family contacts important to well-being at midlife

Pfeffer et al. find increase in college completion rates among disadvantaged students attending 2-year colleges

Xie and Killewald's recent book discussed in Science news

Farley comments on "black flight" from Detroit and other rust belt cities

Frey says Obama compaign should note importance of black voters in swing states

Pfeffer discusses importance of preschool exposures to educational outcomes

Xie says high Asian immigration rates reflect demand for technical skills in U.S. job market

Xie and Killewald say American science still strong

Frey says baby boomers not ready for America's new demographics

Levy blogs on economic and policy misunderstandings in Supreme Court arguments on health care legislation

Johnston says US teens smoke and drink less, but do more drugs, than European teens

Danziger says U.S. exceptional among rich countries in its tolerance of poverty

Burgard and Ailshire find family relations impact sleep

Bailey's research cited in discussion of impact of family planning programs

Elizabeth Armstrong says free infant formula not ideal hospital swag

Frey says U.S. at multiethnic tipping point as white births no longer a majority

Stafford, Schoeni, and Chen find many Americans making little headway against debt

Wightman and Schoeni find most young adults helped financially by parents

Johnston says decline in perceived risk contributes to rise in marijuana use among teens

Wightman says parents more likely to financially support agreeable young adult children

Patrick calls increase in newborns undergoing drug withdrawal a public health epidemic

Danziger discusses use of IRS data in trend analyses of income distribution

Gough and Killewald's work cited in Forbes piece on benefits of marriage for women

Smock says cohabitation may be keeping divorce rates steady

Inglehart and World Values Survey cited in WSJ Op Ed on global happiness indicators

Bailey says women more likely than men to attend college

Bailey and Hershbein say women's access to pill raised their earnings

Bailey and Hershbein find women's access to pill raised their earnings

MTF cited in AP story on young adults' concerns about environmental issues

Johnston says new findings show continued decline in teen smoking

Wodtke finds better educated no more likely to support workplace affirmative action

Levy featured in story on U-M faculty advisors to White House

Frey tells NYT unmarried boomers face greater economic hardships than married counterparts

Anderson interviewed on treatment of drinking water in rural South Africa

Farley's Detroit website referenced in NYT piece on Santorum's visit to city

Frey says age of senior citizen status a "gray area"

Smock and Greenland's work cited in NYT story on nonmarital childbirth

Lavelle speaks with PRI about women's post-divorce health insurance coverage

Weir says years near end of work life best time for retirement savings (USN&WR)

Smock comments on Millennials' approach to romantic relationships in Monitor cover story

Bailey and Dynarski's work cited in NYT story on growing rich-poor education gap

Smock and Lavelle's work on divorce and health insurance cited in Journalist's Resource

Danziger sees vulnerability in safety net for very poor

Farley and Frey question new findings on urban racial residential segregation

Levy discusses federally mandated state health insurance exchanges

Sastry says new findings point out need for focus on mental health in natural disasters

Frey says child population declined in U.S. 2010-2011


Danziger cited in Huffington Post review of 2011

Groves says U.S. growth rate lowest since baby boom; Michigan loses population

Neidert comments on erosion of household tax base in Illinois over last 15 years

Frey says upcoming retirees "may not run with the herd," but many will still move to Florida

Burgard's work on women's nighttime caregiving cited in Post column on "midnight moms"

Danziger sees dismal prospects for poor and near-poor in U.S.

Latest MTF survey results: pot and K2 use up, alcohol and cigarette use down among teens

Farley's 2011 Contexts article on residential segregation discussed in Jan/Feb 2012 Utne Reader

Frey comments on voting implications of growing income gap among blacks

Bailey and Dynarski find women outpace men in educational attainment, especially at highest income level

Smock says education, finances, age more important factors in divorce risk than premarital cohabitation

Bailey says income drives college graduation rates, which drive rich-poor income gap

Frey says recession and mortgage meltdown has checked residential mobility

Bailey sees spike in rich-poor college completion gap since 1990s

Danziger comments on average vs. relative income mobility in U.S.

Danziger says widening age wealth gap especially hard on low-income students

Bailey says state spending on family planning yields later Medicaid savings

Lam says we should not be afraid to celebrate birth of 7 billionth child

Lam says 7 billionth child almost surely better off than 6 billionth

Lam discusses sustainability for the world at 7 billion with John Hockenberry (audio)

Frey tells Post DC has become magnet for people aged 25 to 34

DeWitt maps five places where the rich got richer, 2008-2010

Schoeni discusses AJPH article on early childhood links to mid-life health

Lam discusses implications of innovation for population growth in Post story

Inglehart's World Values Survey work cited in NPR piece on the happiest places on Earth

Wodtke and Harding look at effects of childhood neighborhood on high school graduation rates

Nicholas discusses end of life issues on public radio

Nicholas et al find advance directives may improve care, cut costs at end of life

Wodtke and Harding find growing up in poor neighborhood has large and lasting impacts

Harding and his work profiled by ISR

Smock's work cited in piece on how unemployment affects 'decisions of the heart'

Hermalin and Lowry find surprising smoking pattern for Chinese women

Danziger says Obama's job package will help address poverty in Michigan

Frey tells NYT more children in poverty now than since 1962

Danziger sees increase in working poor given high unemployment and resistance to raising minimum wage

Danziger says Heritage Foundation's conservative commentator very influential with Republicans

Bailey finds federal programs helped reduce births among poor women in the 1960s and 70s

Smock says rising age of marriage in U.S. reflects new family formation trends

Bound notes social and health benefits of work-related activity for seniors

Smock comments on 'stayover' relationships in NYT

Padela, RWJ Clinical Scholar, finds religion shapes health care beliefs among US Muslims

Barber's survey method of 'ask less more often' cited as example for UX research

Norton finds insecurity over weight hinders women in workplace

Lam says fears of 'Population Bomb' unfounded in 2011

Geronimus says social stressors account for racial disparities in health among women and infants

DeWitt maps racial residential segregation in Westchester country

Shapiro finds only 13% of households spend extra take-home pay from stimulus tax cuts

R. Thornton and colleagues explore link between education and democratization

Frey discusses U.S. trend toward "minority majority" on NPR

Frey says white middle-class Americans a shrinking population

Galea says more deaths attributable to poverty, social factors than common diseases

Cooke, RWJ clinical scholar, finds racial disparities in advanced treatment for heart attack

Yang discusses motivations behind food subsidies in developing countries

Lam says increased food production, education eased effects of population growth

Dorius says prevalence of multiple-partner fertility a factor in men having later life children

Shapiro comments on Michigan's fiscal circumstances, credit rating

Bound says declines in low-skill jobs driving losses in men's labor force participation rates

Inglehart's work cited in piece on role of disease in democratization

DeWitt cited in story on Grand Rapids' inclusion on 'dying cities' list

Lam says nation's shrinking share of global population not cause for alarm

Norton comments on employment penalties for overweight women

Conrad, Groves, and colleagues look at characteristics of persuasive speech

Xie cited in NYT on China's changing population

Bachman says part-time work during high school linked to lower college completion rates

Dorius says raising children with different fathers may transmit disadvantage

Dorius participates in NPR discussion of multiple partner families

Neidert assesses community shifts in child populations in Michigan

Dynarski says student loan debt represents healthy investment

Bound says disabled shouldn't be blamed for inability to work, need for DI benefits

Dorius finds 1 in 5 U.S. mothers have children with more than one man

Lam says food production, urbanization, education mitigated "population bomb"

Dorius studies U.S. mothers who have children with more than one man

Dorius discusses multiple-partner fertility study in Business Week

Lam cited in discussion of world population changes over past 60 years - Portuguese

DeWitt maps urban racial segregation in Salon

Weir finds the conscientious earn more

Frey discusses Hispanic boom, migration of blacks on PBS News Hour

Weir finds the conscientious earn more, save more for retirement

Frey says black populations in large Northern cities shifting to suburbs and South

Neidert says U-M jobs helped fuel county-level population growth

Frey discusses urban-suburban, north-south shifts in African American population

Frey comments on exodus of Detroit's blacks to suburbs

Frey discusses evidence of Hispanic dispersion, black migration in census data

Farley describes rise of Detroit's middle class in Atlantic story

Geronimus and Bound find high death rates persist for black Americans in 2000

Bachman says students who work more than 15 hours a week less likely to complete college

Burgard says women 2.5 times more likely than men to interrupt sleep to care for others

Burgard discusses the real night shift in Post story

Smock says men and women differ on reasons for cohabiting

Zulman, RWJF Clinical Scholar, says older adults often excluded from clinical trials

Farley comments on challenge of identifying race in a highly multiracial society

Geronimus says US cultural influences dampen gains in life expectancy seen in other high-income nations

Frey comments on Michigan's declining birth rate

Kottak explores recent changes in the "very nature of humans"

Shapiro comments on new Federal Reserve findings in NYT

Burgard says women's nighttime caregiving, lack of sleep may affect career at critical period

Rhode says temperature shifts nothing new to U.S. farmers in NYT story on wheat frontier


Neidert discusses population shifts revealed in Census data

PSC projections cited in Atlantic piece on apportionment

Frey says new data show national trend toward greater racial integration

Frey discusses decline in black-white segregation in large metro areas

Freedman documents connection between neighborhood and cancer among older men and women

Frey says recent Census data show "idea of postracial America has a way to go"

Willis finds handing over family finances to husbands weak in numeracy skills is costly

Neidert discusses migration, reapportionment, and 2010 census data

Willis and colleagues find link between numeracy skills and family wealth

Burgard finds gender differences in nighttime caregiving

Neidert says census participation rates for U-M students compare favorably to rates at other Big Ten schools

Inglehart says social intolerance linked to national corruption

Smock comments on unmarried mothers and cohabitation in NYT article

Sastry finds maternal reading skill huge factor in young children's school success

Inglehart cites shifts in political culture as factor in elections

Sastry finds mothers' reading skills greatest determinant of children's academic success

Willis discusses link between retirement and memory

Nicholas finds disparity between process and outcome measures for high-risk surgeries

Nicholas finds disparity between process and outcome measures for high-risk surgeries

Danziger comments on severity of recession among middle-income families

Willis notes importance of comparable datasets to study of elderly cognition worldwide

Brown comments on claims about the economic impact of small business

Frey says recession has left Americans uncharacteristically "flat-footed"

Smock comments on cohabitation and divorce in Newsweek

Danziger weighs in on shrinking role of welfare

Danziger says U.S. poverty policies don't adequately address growing income gap

Smock says federal data show no negative effect for cohabitation on marriage

Jacob's work on impact of No Child Left Behind noted in Post

Johnston says decade-long period of decline in marijuana use has reversed

Danziger says Census Bureau report on poverty rates less dire than expected

Frey comments on changes in child poverty evidenced in latest census data

Geronimus cited for work on "weathering" in CHE article

Yang's work on migrant remittances yields place on U-M innovative ideas list

Killewald and Gough comment on wife-vs.-husband housework time

Harding says fear of victimization spurs violence among inner-city youth

Lantz says those seeking remediations for premature death should look beyond obesity

Slemrod cited in National Review piece on short- and long-term effects of changing tax rates

Kaplan to lead Network on Inequality, Complexity, and Health

LeClere comments on value of shared data

Bound contributes to page turner for higher ed wonks on globalization and American universities

Clarke finds chronically overweight have more socioeconomic problems

Harding interviewed on teen turf violence in Boston - video

Clarke finds chronically overweight have more health and socioeconomic problems

Clarke finds socioeconomic consequences of being over weight

Weir says new data will yield better comparisons in NFL dementia study

Geronimus and Low cited in piece on evolutionary theory and early childbearing among poor

Pienta says childlessness doesn't signal unhappiness among women in their 40s

Lowry studies aging in China - video

Burgard comments on survey results showing shifts in time use among unemployed

Wildeman underscores program's potential for children of imprisoned fathers

Xie says CFPS will transform social science while tracking shifts in fastest-changing nation

Neidert says growing areas of US reflect nationwide trend toward minority majority

Harding finds dangerous neighborhoods fuel youth violence

Smock views Gores' split in generational context

Sasson says neighborhood affects chance of surviving cardiac arrest

Clarke finds benefits for aging populations in enabling urban environments

Harding's book maps patterns of violence in poor Boston neighborhoods

Frey reports on continued economic declines in Metro Detroit

Frey says low residential mobility rates signal economic woes

Schoeni says parental support of adult children has increased over past 3 decades

Xie discusses 'mammoth' China survey to document changing society

Sullivan says returns to higher education go far beyond earnings

Stafford part of DC team demonstrating societal benefits of NSF funding

Bound et al. find time to BA degree a matter of resources rather than preparedness

Freedman says uptick in middle-age disability suggests need for prevention, early intervention

Neidert urges census participation on U-M campus

Brand and Xie find benefits of college graduation may be highest for disadvantaged students

Groves in Daily Show interview: 'Have you looked at the form?' - video

Groves wins praise for Census leadership so far

Post-doc Lowry looks at implications of China's 'grey tide' in rural village

U-M Census video ads push student participation

Neidert quantifies cost of low census response rates

Neidert highlights purpose, significance of Census

Courant discusses digital age scholarly publishing - video

Johnston discusses 35-year history of MTF with long-time respondent

Johnston says anti-obesity campaign should alter approach used in stop-smoking offensive

Johnston's findings on effectiveness of anti-smoking campaign among teens suggests potential for anti-obesity campaign

Groves says future censuses will use variety of collection methods

Smock says NCHS report supports no negative effect of cohabitation on marriage

Neidert discusses census undercount among college students - audio

Frey discusses 2010 census on NPR's Diane Rehm Show - audio

Smock quoted in NYT article about living together and marriage

Levy says Medicare increases use of health care, but has no effect on mortality

Kaplan and Lantz among 'impressive group' of experts urging Congress to pass reform bill

Danziger, Burgard, Schoeni and colleagues to study economy's effects on families in SE Michigan

Burgard's work cited in NYT story on heath effects of plant closing

Courant lends support to Google book settlement in federal court

Pienta's work on how stimulus funding affects social science research featured in SA

Levy cited on mortality effects of Medicare in The Atlantic

Frey debunks 5 myths on 2010 census and nation's population

Smock says tough economic times can test marital relations as more women enter workforce

Neidert underscores importance of 2010 Census in Michigan

Courant comments on open access for "orphan works" in Google Book Search case

Groves counts first household in Census 2010 enumeration

Smock comments on the economy and gender roles in AP story

Kimball cited in WSJ story on interest rates' role in housing bubble


Johnston says marijuana use up, perceived risk down among teens

Lantz says Mich. law still requires insurers to cover mammograms for women in their 40s

PSC calculator shows how projected population changes yield reapportioned House seats in 2010

Knodel discusses impact of HIV/AIDS on older persons in SE Asia - audio

Weir testifies on findings from study of retired NFL players

Lantz discusses proposed federal health care reforms - video

Burgard says persistent job insecurity worse on health than layoff

Farley addresses poverty, potential for rebound, in Michigan - podcast

Eccles notes teens model parents in volunteerism

Research by Weir, Jackson, and Sonnega on retired NFL players reported in NYT

Burgard and Nicklett tie depression to downward social mobility among immigrants

Frey says annual ACS data richer and more timely than Census data

Weir looks at work expectations among older Americans

Frey says dismal economy has hit minorities the hardest in terms of poverty rates

Burgard, House, and Brand find job insecurity harder on health than losing job

Bound and Hershbein's work on college admissions competition cited in CHE

Smock says living together before marriage may not raise divorce risk

Galea discusses goals for new Center for Global Health (video)

Kimball, Mitchell, Thornton and Young-Demarco find college major impacts religious faith

Wildeman finds extreme disadvantages for children of incarcerated mothers

Burgard describes health toll of chronic job insecurity

Heeringa to help lead study of military mental health

Groves confirmed as Census Bureau Director

Smock says family rituals sustaining in dire times

Farley sees job diversification sustaining Detroit's black middle class

Smock looks at economic uncertainty and families (video)

Barber comments on implications of unplanned parenthood

Burgard says fear of losing job is detrimental to health

Danziger discusses poverty trends, anti-poverty policy (podcast)

Neidert remarks on connection between power outages, surge in births 9 months later

Geronimus' work on health and racism is Miller-McCune cover story

Farley tells NPR that Michigan Central Station still inspires

Clarke comments on recent jump in U.S. obesity rates

Frey sees dilution of racial identity politics with growth in multi-racial U.S. voters

Johnston says U.S. demand for illegal drugs 'insatiable'

Frey discusses trends in U.S. minority populations in C-Span interview

Smock's work cited in WSJ story on growing problem of nonmarital childbearing

Groves rules out statistical sampling in 2010 census

Johnston sees perceived risk as key in young people's use of high-THC marijuana

Hsin finds kids suffer when mothers have high-stress jobs

Burgard's work on fear of job loss cited by AARP

Galea discusses how to handle public health emergency on NPR

Groves is Obama's pick to run Census Bureau

Smock comments on trends in unmarried childbearing

Frey interviewed on C-Span about U.S. migration slowdown (video clip)

Frey comments on end of migration bubble in WSJ piece

Krause cited in Time story on biology of belief

Burgard featured in USNWR piece on how jobs affect longevity

Smock sees uncertain times as contributing to uptick in marriage

Levy says low-income people want to save, but cannot

Smock comments on evolving prevalence, nature of U.S. cohabitation

Shapiro compares tax cuts to rebates as economic stimuli

Burgard discusses effect of job uncertainty on health

Smock cited in NYT story on unmarried mothers

Moaddel taps Lebanese attitudes on politics, religion, egalitarianism

Burgard reports on health toll of job insecurity








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