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Statistics and narratives on extreme poverty in the United States

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Fusaro, Levy and Shaefer examine racial/ethnic disparities in the lifetime prevalence of homelessness

Shaefer sees small gains in US median household incomes as evidence of long post-recession recovery

Two new UM-Harvard partnerships address poverty and drug use in Detroit

Shaefer on new UN report about America's failing safety net

Shaefer on study showing US spends less on poorest children, more on the elderly, than it did 20 years ago

Shaefer says complex reasons for poverty make solutions challenging

Shaefer on mapping Michigan's poverty and well-being using 8 indicators

Shaefer says the details matter in child tax reform

Shaefer says proposed plan to cover tax cuts would hurt a lot of struggling Americans

Shaefer says the US could fund a basic income program via a negative income tax model

H. Luke Shaefer and colleagues argue for a universal child allowance

U-M Poverty Solutions funds nine projects

Lessenberry says Shaefer's book can help Americans understand deep poverty

Shaefer says drop child tax credit in favor of universal, direct investment in American children

Shaefer directs inter-organization, inter-disciplinary initiative on poverty 'connected to the real world'

New analysis counters Shaefer's finding that households living on $2/day/person rose post welfare reform

Shaefer compares low-income Americans to populations in poorer nations

Schoeni's and Shaefer's work cited in piece on impact of 1996 welfare reforms

Shaefer questions the efficacy of the TANF block grant system

Work by Schoeni and Shaefer cited in piece on the legacy of TANF

Shaefer and Edin's book ($2 a Day) cited in piece on political debate over plight of impoverished Americans

Shaefer's work on extreme poverty cited in story on Sander's repudiation of Clinton-era welfare reform

Shaefer says TANF has left the unemployed struggling at the bottom

Shaefer on why Rubio got it wrong on TANF

Edin and Shaefer's book a call to action for Americans to deal with poverty

Edin and Shaefer's book on destitute families in America reviewed in NYT

Honors & Awards

H. Luke Shaefer honored with UM Faculty Recognition Award


Johnson on measuring poverty

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