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Frey discusses challenges and accuracy issues with 2020 Census

Frey says the digital platform of the 2020 Census might allow it to weather coronavirus and potential undercount

Frey: Just how demographically skewed are the early Democratic primary states?

Frey comments on MI's decreasing population and net out-migration

Frey discusses co-dependent relationship between today's younger, majority-minority generations and the declining white US population

There is a growing moving-away from cities, Frey said

Taking Accurate Count Of Muslims For 2020 Census Will Be Extra Difficult. Frey Explains Why.

Frey quoted in New York Times on the Census Bureau's 2017 figures on foreign-born population in the US

Frey says America's declining white population should spur nation's investment in young minority populations

Frey rethinks trends in Millennial mass urganization

Frey comments on continuing decline in American birthrate

Frey says Census citizenship question likely to threaten counts in TX, CA, FL, NJ, NY, IL, GA, NC

Frey on whether "Laws of Political Gravity" will count in midterm elections

Frey: How do Detroit's millennials compare to those in other metro areas?

Frey on why Michigan needs more newcomers

Frey says suburbs are aging, cities draw millennials

Frey comments on affordability in towns attracting young upwardly mobile adults

Frey and others weigh in on 2016 decline in US birth rate, driven by fewer teen births

Frey says crime alone can't explain why so many black Chicagoans are headed south

Frey questions whether urban sanctuary status will cover unauthorized immigrants in suburbs

Frey finds that, despite their rising numbers, urban minorities remain isolated from whites in many cities

Frey says having more immigrants with higher birth rates fills need in the US

New minorities, the generation gap in political priorities, and the electoral map

Frey says political rhetoric inflaming America's race and generation gaps 'has limited returns'

Frey et al provide U.S. "election oracle" based on assumptions about turnout and party support among demographic groups

Frey says Boomers continue to make 'ground-breaking history' as they enter their seventies

Frey says using voting-age population for redistricting will 'intensify a divisive cultural generation gap'

Frey says white population is growing in Detroit and other large cities

Frey says political fear mongering on immigrants and minorities ignores their importance in future economy

Frey says rising numbers of younger minority voters mean Republicans must focus on fiscal not social issues

Frey says growing U.S. minority populations are critical to sustainability of economy

Frey says China is source country of most new U.S. immigrants

Frey says America's black population is changing with recent immigration

Frey and colleagues outline 10 trends showing scale of America's demographic transitions

Frey talks with Tavis Smiley on the impact of shifting demographics in the U.S.

Frey finds most Hispanic segregation in large immigrant gateway cities

Frey says current minority college completion rates predict decline in college-educated Americans

Frey says politics are being reshaped by four demographic trends in the U.S.

Frey explains the minority-majority remapping of America

Frey says predominance of older white GOP will fade in long term given shifting demographics

Frey comments on why sunbelt metro area economies are still struggling

Frey says low turnover in House members related to lack of voter turnout among moderates

Frey says net immigration larger among Asians than Hispanics

Frey says Millennials are 'mired' when it comes to residential moves

Frey says Arizona's political paradoxes explained in part by demography

Frey says rural U.S. populations shrinking

Frey says large percent of well-educated movers to large U.S. cities are from Asia and Europe

Frey projects demographic trends for 2014

Frey says U.S. population growing at lowest rate since Great Depression

Frey says lull in young adult migration may prove to be "new normal"

Frey discusses how the Census Bureau's ACS paints a rich picture of America's current situation (audio)

Frey says young white Americans will play smaller role in the nation's demographic future

Frey says more deaths than births among white Americans signals big demographic shifts

Frey says RI likely to lose another House seat in 2020

Frey says national rise in between-county moves signals better economic times

Frey says drop in Hispanic birth rate driven by more than recession

Frey says Obama compaign should note importance of black voters in swing states

Frey says baby boomers not ready for America's new demographics

Frey says U.S. at multiethnic tipping point as white births no longer a majority

Frey tells NYT unmarried boomers face greater economic hardships than married counterparts

Frey says age of senior citizen status a "gray area"

Farley and Frey question new findings on urban racial residential segregation

Frey says child population declined in U.S. 2010-2011

Frey says upcoming retirees "may not run with the herd," but many will still move to Florida

Frey comments on voting implications of growing income gap among blacks

Frey says recession and mortgage meltdown has checked residential mobility

Frey tells Post DC has become magnet for people aged 25 to 34

Frey tells NYT more children in poverty now than since 1962

Frey discusses U.S. trend toward "minority majority" on NPR

Frey says white middle-class Americans a shrinking population

Frey discusses Hispanic boom, migration of blacks on PBS News Hour

Frey says black populations in large Northern cities shifting to suburbs and South

Frey discusses urban-suburban, north-south shifts in African American population

Frey comments on exodus of Detroit's blacks to suburbs

Frey discusses evidence of Hispanic dispersion, black migration in census data

Frey comments on Michigan's declining birth rate

Frey says new data show national trend toward greater racial integration

Frey discusses decline in black-white segregation in large metro areas

Frey says recent Census data show "idea of postracial America has a way to go"

Frey says recession has left Americans uncharacteristically "flat-footed"

Frey comments on changes in child poverty evidenced in latest census data

Frey reports on continued economic declines in Metro Detroit

Frey says low residential mobility rates signal economic woes

Frey discusses 2010 census on NPR's Diane Rehm Show - audio

Frey debunks 5 myths on 2010 census and nation's population

Frey says annual ACS data richer and more timely than Census data

Frey says dismal economy has hit minorities the hardest in terms of poverty rates

Frey sees dilution of racial identity politics with growth in multi-racial U.S. voters

Frey discusses trends in U.S. minority populations in C-Span interview

Frey interviewed on C-Span about U.S. migration slowdown (video clip)

Frey comments on end of migration bubble in WSJ piece

Frey attributes decreasing illegal immigration to job scarcity, not enforcement

Frey comments on changing composition of young population in U.S.

Frey speculates on future migration scenarios for post-Katrina New Orleans

Frey says boomers face delayed retirement

Frey discusses bipartisan Senate bill on immigration

Frey and Smock cited in NYT story on rise in unmarried U.S. women

Frey discusses immigration and 300 millionth American

Frey discusses America’s approaching 300 million mark

Frey speculates on U.S. population changes by 2026

Frey examines ‘Bright Flight’ in upstate New York

Sastry and Frey consider who will return home to hurricane ravaged areas

Frey finds New Orleans is becoming whiter, less poor and more mobile

Bill Frey's op-ed piece in The Financial Times

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Frey's Social Science Data Analysis Network, SSDAN wins 2020 MERLOT Sociology Classics Award

Frey receives 2019 ASA Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award


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