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Medicaid expansion and changes for low-SES pre-retirees

Post-ACA changes in health insurance coverage for blacks, whites, Hispanics

What policies work (and don't) in promoting good health?

Michigan Retirement Research Center focuses on Social Security policy

Digital divide in access to electronic medical records among older Americans

The ACA and health disparities

How does cognitive ability affect awareness of high blood pressure?

The business impact of smoking bans

In the News

Levy notes that increasing the amount of Medicaid money to States during the Recession was an effective form of stimulus

Study by Levy and Buchmueller finds After 10 Years of Obamacare, Racial Gaps in Coverage Persist

Fusaro, Levy and Shaefer examine racial/ethnic disparities in the lifetime prevalence of homelessness

Levy et al find state budget gains outweigh Medicaid expansion costs in Michigan

Levy, Buchmueller and colleagues examine Medicaid expansion's impact on ER visits

Buchmueller and Levy discuss uncertain future of Michigan's health insurance marketplace under ACA

Levy says Medicaid expansion has been good for Michigan's economy

Levy et al. find Michigan's Medicaid expansion boosted state's economy while increasing number of insured

Levy says ACA has helped increase rates of insured, but rates still lowest among poor

Levy says older Americans may not enjoy benefits of web-based health information

Levy says changing ACA requirements would prompt employers to reduce F-T employee hours to avoid providing insurance

Levy and Buchmueller say ACA subsidies will make health care system more fair and efficient

Levy's work cited in story on balancing coordination and competition in health care reform

Levy says Detroiters' pain of losing retiree health benefits will be softened by insurance exchanges

Levy finds smoking ban has no significant economic impact on bars, restaurants

Levy blogs on economic and policy misunderstandings in Supreme Court arguments on health care legislation

Levy featured in story on U-M faculty advisors to White House

Levy discusses federally mandated state health insurance exchanges

Levy says Medicare increases use of health care, but has no effect on mortality

Levy cited on mortality effects of Medicare in The Atlantic

Levy says low-income people want to save, but cannot

Levy says research unable to establish causal relationship between health insurance and health

Kimball and Levy explore hurricanes and the Happiness Index

Honors & Awards

Helen Levy appointed to position at Council of Economic Advisers

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