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Effects of long-term unemployment on individuals and families

Effects of job insecurity on health

Unemployment and the new poor

Housing instability and health in SE Michigan

In the News

Seefeldt on decision making under the stress of poverty

Findings by Burgard, Kalousova, and Seefeldt on the mental health impact of job insecurity

Seefeldt says TANF restrictions may limit program's help for poor Americans

Seefeldt says hard work alone won't allow poor to reach middle-class status in America

Seefeldt says lack of access bigger problem than dependency for those who need safety net services

Seefeldt says lower income black women need "real pathways to the middle class"

Seefelt say modern labor unions represent broader social issues that resonate with public

Seefeldt says that telling the poor they must get jobs does nothing to address actual job prospects

Seefeldt says many poor single mothers piece together resources from social networks

Seefeldt says 'consumption smoothing' behavior makes long-term recovery more difficult for economically vulnerable

Seefeldt criticizes Kansas legislation restricting daily cash withdrawals from public assistance funds

Seefeldt discusses rise in U.S. child poverty

Seefeldt says poverty rate at highest level in 15 years

Seefeldt finds Detroit single mothers juggle debt in complicated ways

Seefeldt, Burgard, and Danziger look at fighting poverty in Detroit

Kristin Seefeldt's work on low-income women highlighted in NYT story

Honors & Awards

Seefeldt promoted to associate professor of social work, associate professor of public policy


Seefeldt discusses her book Abandoned Families, Wed, March 29, 4 PM, Annenberg Auditorium

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