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Patriarchy and male-female mortality differences

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Kruger finds surprisingly low level of knowledge about THC and CBD content and dosages among frequent cannabis users

Coronavirus quarantines will likely lead to an uptick in babies and divorces, expects Kruger

Kruger talks about where else monogamy happens in the animal kingdom.

Why Babies Are So Cute - And Why We React the Way We Do

Kruger to conduct a nationwide study assessing the patient-doctor relationship w/ regard to cannabis use and people's experience using medical marijuana

Kruger selected to participate in Flint health initiative

Kruger on how women assess men who display conspicuous consumption

Kruger: Social media's continual user attention seeking-reward mechanisms create dependence

Daniel Kruger asks about smart-phone-captivated people: "What happens when they actually have to talk to a stranger in real-life social space?"

Kruger says experiencing phantom alerts of incoming phone calls may be sign of technology addiction

Kruger says STD theory of monogamy 'fascinating' but not definitive

Kruger says reports of phantom mobile phone ringing/vibrating more common among anxious

Kruger says high concentration of local fast food outlets is risk factor for obesity

Kruger finds differences in how men and women characterize infidelity

Kruger finds larger gender gaps in mortality rates in highly patriarchal societies

Kruger says 'male scarcity' drives conditions that lead to youth violence

Kruger says much looting after Philippines storm driven by need, not greed

Kruger weighs in on Nobel Prize categories

Kruger says health care official tours of Flint reveal "different sort of world"

Kruger says use of mobile phones may interfere with human interactions

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