Marshall Weinberg Endowment Fund

Marshall Weinberg with awardees Meeta Sainju Pradhan, Kristin Seefeldt, and Brian Kovak.
Marshall Weinberg with awardees Meeta Sainju Pradhan, Kristin Seefeldt, and Brian Kovak.

Marshall Weinberg has long been concerned with population issues, in particular how malnutrition, poor health, and lack of education affect societies, and how populations impact the environment.

In conjunction with this interest, Weinberg established an Endowment Fund to help support research in these areas. Weinberg Fund recipients are PSC-affiliated junior faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and students who conduct research with potential benefit for international populations.

This award is used flexibly in ways that the recipient feels will best enhance their ability to complete their research goals.

Supported Research

Jamie Budnick. Understanding Data Reliability and Participation Motivation in Sex Research: A Mixed Methods Study of Male Couples’ Self-Reports of Sexual Behavior. 2021.

Monika Doshi. Perceptions of & Experiences with Mental Health (Care) among Undocumented Latinx Immigrants in a Protracted Anti-Immigrant Era.

Asher Dvir-Djerassi. The Demographics of Wealth Stratification in America. 2021.

Erin Ice. Who is taking care of mom? A qualitative study on the unequal division of eldercare among U.S. families. 2021.

Bobbie Johannes. Understanding the effect of PCMH-likeness on preventive care use among older adults. 2021.

Kimson Johnson. The impact of adverse life events on late-life cognitive functioning. 2021.

Charles Katulamu. Fertility behaviors among recent university graduates. A cohort follow-up study in Kampala-Uganda. 2021.

Nicardo McInnis. Effects of Local Labor Market Conditions at Birth on Later Life Health and Health Behaviors. 2021.

Michael Murto. The Effect of Student Loans on Academic and Labor Market Behavior. 2021.

Sarah Patterson. What we do (and don’t) know about ADRD family caregivers. 2021.

Elly Field. Understanding the Intertwined Nature of School and Neighborhood Change. 2019*-2020.

Giovanni Roman-Torres. Dispersed Destinations: The Social Mobility Outcomes of Mexican Immigrants and Mexican Non-Immigrants. 2019.

Landon David Hughes. Morbidity and Mortality in Gender Minority Populations: Estimates of a Sample of Gender Minority Beneficiaries in Private Insurance Data. 2019*-2020.

Joshua Greenberg. Help or Harm: The Unintended Consequences of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Ugandan Health Sector. 2018*.

Emily Treleaven. Parental and contextual influences on child health in Chitwan, Nepal. 2018-2019.

Valentina Duque, Lauren Schmitz. The Influence of Early -Life Economic Shocks and Genetic Diversity on Long-term Economic Outcome. 2018-2019.

Aresha Martinez-Cardoso. Immigration Policy and the Racialization of Latinos: Consequences for Health. 2017-2018.

Katrina Hauschildt. Seeking Comforts, Seeking Cures: Racial Inequalities at the End-of-Life. 2017-2018.

Jessica Gillooly. Calling for Service: Implications of Reactive Policing on Law Enforcement and the Public. 2017-2018.

Michael Zabek. Impacts of economic inequality on local economies. 2016-2017.


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