PSC Off-Campus Researchers

Martha J. Bailey, Economics, University of California at Los Angeles
Ronny Bruffaerts, Psychology, Universitair Psychiatrisch Centrum - KU Leuven
Daniel Eisenberg, Health Policy and Economics
Alix Gould-Werth, Social Work and Sociology
Qing Lai, Sociology, Florida International University - Miami
Murray Leibbrandt, Economics, University of Cape Town
Jianguo Liu, Natural Resources, Michigan State University
Mansoor Moaddel, Sociology, University of Maryland
Lisa D. Pearce, Sociology
Jay Pearson, Public Health, Duke University
Javier Rodriguez, Political Science, Claremont Graduate University
Chanpen Saengtienchai, Demography
Sarah E. Turner, Economics, University of Virginia
Mark VanLandingham, Public Health, Tulane University
Timothy A. Waidmann, Economics, Urban Institute

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Erin Cech explains her research on the "passion principle," and how America's obsession with pursuing and pushing towards a "#dreamjob" is flawed

Shaefer notes success of initial CARES Act stimulus and concerns over a new round of COVID-19 shutdown support under a Biden presidency

Miller notes impact on household finances and coverage for people of color if Affordable Care Act is dismantled

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Faul's three-nation research to examine relationships between social factors and epigenetics

Open for Registration: Principles of Text Analysis Workshop

Dean Yang's Combatting COVID-19 in Mozambique study releases Round 1 summary report

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