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Jessica Finlay

Lisbeth Iglesias-Rios, Epidemiology

Abdul Raheem Shariq Mohammed, Economics

Paul Mohnen, Economics

Brittany Street, Economics

Jamie Budnick
Sociology, NICHD, 2020-2022

Heejung Jang
Social Work, 2019-2021

Bobbie Johannes
Public Health, NIA, 2020-2022

Nicardo McInnis
Economics, NIA, 2020-2022

Sarah Patterson
Sociology and Demography, NIA, 2019-2021

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Erin Cech explains her research on the "passion principle," and how America's obsession with pursuing and pushing towards a "#dreamjob" is flawed

Shaefer notes success of initial CARES Act stimulus and concerns over a new round of COVID-19 shutdown support under a Biden presidency

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Faul's three-nation research to examine relationships between social factors and epigenetics

Open for Registration: Principles of Text Analysis Workshop

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