PSC Postdoctoral Fellows

PSC Postdoctoral Fellow Affiliates

Other Affiliates

Asta Breinholt, Sociology

Angela Bruns, Sociology

Christina Cross, Public Policy and Sociology

Jessica Finlay

Karra Greenberg, Sociology

Lisbeth Iglesias-Rios, Epidemiology

Haena Lee, Sociology

Abdul Raheem Shariq Mohammed, Economics

Paul Mohnen, Economics

Meghan O'Neil, Sociology

Brittany Street, Economics

Chris Wentzloff

Julie Ober Allen
Health Behavior and Health Education, NIA, 2018-2020

Lauren L. Brown
Gerontology, NIA, 2018-2021

Arianna Gard
Psychology, NICHD, 2019-2021

Heejung Jang
Social Work, NIA, 2019-2021

Sarah Patterson
Sociology and Demography, NIA, 2019-2021

Emily Treleaven
Sociology, NICHD, 2017-2020

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Study by Miller et al. finds lack of expansion in Medicaid has led to >15,600 extra deaths/year. Governor elections next week in KY, MS, LA, & VA could effect this.

Do paid family leave policies help fix the gender pay gap? Bailey's study found the opposite.

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Sarah Burgard appointed as next PSC director

National Study of Caregiving (NSOC) Extended

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