PSC Postdoctoral Fellows

PSC Postdoctoral Fellow Affiliates

Other Affiliates

Haena Lee, Sociology

Nicole Novak, Epidemiology

Meghan O'Neil

Julie Ober Allen
Health Behavior and Health Education, NIA, 2018-2019

Lauren L. Brown
Gerontology, NIA, 2018

Angela Bruns
Sociology , NICHD, 2017-2019

Valentina Duque
Social Work, Joint PSC/Economics, 2015-2017

Karra Greenberg
Sociology , NIA, 2017-2019

Sarah Seelye
Sociology, NIA, 2017-2019

Emily Treleaven
Sociology , NICHD, 2017-2018

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Zabek together with former PSC trainees found that young adults living closer to their parents experience faster earnings recoveries after a job loss.

Bruch: Women's dating site desirability peaks at 18, men's at 50.

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Clarke co-leads new U-M rehabilitation research and training center

Frey's new edition analyzes latest demographic trends in US

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