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Work by Geronimus cited in account of Serena Williams' maternal health complications

Alexander and Massey compare outcomes for children whose parents did and did not take part in Great Migration

Geronimus on pushing past early dismissal of her weathering hypothesis

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1/17/18: ISR screening and discussion of documentary "Class Divide" at Michigan Theater

Bailey et al. find higher income among children whose parents had access to federal family planning programs in the 1960s and 70s

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Caroline Sten Hartnett

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Sloan College, University of South Carolina.

Off-Campus Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center.

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Hartnett is a demographer and sociologist studying American families and fertility. Her research examines how social factors influence decision-making around childbearing, with a special focus on unintended pregnancy. A second area of research investigates the exchange of resources within families and its implications for inequality, focusing on financial transfers to young adults, caregiving support to older adults, and qualities of intergenerational relationships.

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Furstenberg, F., Caroline Sten Hartnett, M. Kohli, and J. Zissimopoulos. 2015. "The Future of Intergenerational Relations in Aging Societies." Daedalus, 144(2): 31-40. DOI. Abstract.

Birditt, Kira, Caroline Sten Hartnett, K. Fingerman, S. Zarit, and Toni C. Antonucci. 2015. "Extending the Intergenerational Stake Hypothesis: Evidence of an Intra-individual Stake and Implications for Well-being." Journal of Marriage and Family, 77(4): 877-888. PMCID: PMC4553696. DOI. Abstract.

Harknett, K., and Caroline Sten Hartnett. 2014. "The gap between births intended and births achieved in 22 European countries, 2004-07." Population Studies, 68(3): 265-282. DOI. Abstract.

Hartnett, Caroline Sten. 2014. "White-Hispanic differences in meeting lifetime fertility intentions in the US." Demographic Research, 30: 1245-1276. PMCID: PMC4208072. Abstract.

Hartnett, Caroline Sten, Kira, Birditt, Frank Furstenberg, and Karen Fingerman. 2013. "Parental Support During Young Adulthood: Why Does Assistance Decline with Age?" Journal of Family Issues, 34(7): 975-1007. PMCID: PMC3747833.

Hartnett, Caroline Sten. 2012. "Are Hispanic Women Happier About Unintended Births?" Population Research and Policy Review, 31(5): 683-701. PMCID: PMC420341. DOI. Abstract.

Hartnett, Caroline Sten, and E. Parrado. 2012. "Hispanic Familism Reconsidered: Ethnic Differences in the Perceived Value of Children and Fertility Intentions." Sociological Quarterly, 53(4): 636-653. PMCID: PMC3775387. DOI. Abstract.

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