Nelson Saldaña

Nelson Saldaña

Graduate Student, Population Studies Center.
Graduate Student, Department of Sociology.

PSC Mentor: Jeffrey Morenoff

Research Interests:  Neighborhoods, health, biomarkers, and spatial analysis.

Select Publications

Saldaña, Nelson. 2014. "Integrating Demographic and Visual Approaches in the Measurement of Gentrification." , (XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology (July 13-19, 2014))

Kwate, N., J. Loh, K. White, and Nelson Saldaña. 2013. "Retail Redlining in New York City: Racialized Access to Day-to-Day Retail Resources." Journal of Urban Health, 90(4): 632-652. PMCID: PMC3732689.

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