Dana Loll

Dana Loll

Graduate Student, Population Studies Center.
Graduate Student, Heath Behavior and Health Education, School of Public Health.

PSC Mentor: Yasamin Kusunoki

Research Interests:  Reproductive health outcomes in international settings, with a focus on family planning and abortion.

Select Publications

Loll, Dana. 2016. "Understanding "Bad Girl": Stigma and Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Africa." Population Association of America, 2016 Annual Meeting,

Loll, Dana. 2016. "Abortion Attitudes, Gender, and Policy Context: An Analysis of the World Values Survey." Population Association of America, 2016 Annual Meeting,

Berthe, S., Dana Loll, S. Faye, I. Wone, H. Koenker, B. Arnold, and R. Weber. 2014. ""When I sleep under the net, nothing bothers me; I sleep well and I'm happy": Senegal's culture of net use and how inconveniences to net use do not translate to net abandonment." Malaria Journal, 13. PMCID: PMC4175225.

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