Katrina Hauschildt

Katrina Hauschildt

Graduate Student, Population Studies Center.
Graduate Student, Sociology.

PSC Mentor: Sarah Burgard

Research Interests:  Sociology of health, medical sociology, and social demography.

Select Publications

Hauschildt, Katrina, and Sarah Burgard. Forthcoming. "Informal and Formal Social Integration Shape Eating and Drinking of Older Black and White Americans." Journal of Aging and Health.

Hauschildt, Katrina, Trisha Paul, Raymond De Vries, Lauren Smith, Christian Vercler, and Andrew Shuman. 2017. "The use of an online comment system in clinical ethics consultation." AJOB Empirical Bioethics, 8(3): 153-160. PMCID: PMC5621479.

Hauschildt, Katrina. 2016. "Is Beef What's for Dinner? Exploring and Explaining Intersectional Differences in Dietary Practices Among U.S. Adults." Population Association of America, 2016 Annual Meeting,

Hauschildt, Katrina. 2016. "Socioeconomic Status, Negative Life Events, and Health Behavior Change Among Women in Mid-Life." Population Association of America, 2016 Annual Meeting,

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