Susan Jekielek

Susan Jekielek

Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center.
Assistant Research Scientist, ICPSR, Institute for Social Research.
Ph.D., Sociology, Ohio State University
Research Interests:  Dr. Jekielek directs operations of ICPSR's Education and Child Care Data Archives. While at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, she oversaw a portfolio of early care and education research grants, and worked with agencies across the government to track and improve measurement of child and family well-being in national surveys. She also participated on the design team for the National Study of Early Care and Education. Her research interests lie in work and family, family policy, and child well-being.

Select Publications

Pienta, Amy M., Dharma Raell Akmon, Justin Ryan Noble, Lynette Hoelter, and Susan Jekielek. 2018. "A Data-Driven Approach to Appraisal and Selection at a Domain Data Repository." International Journal of Digital Curation, 2017(12): 2.

Wildsmith, Elizabeth, Jennifer Manlove, Susan Jekielek, Kristin Anderson Moore, and Lisa Mincieli. 2012. "Teenage Childbearing Among Youth Born to Teenage Mothers." Youth and Society, 44(2): 258-283.

Jekielek, Susan, and Kristin Moore. 2007. "Family Structure and Child Outcomes." In Encyclopedia of Sociology edited by George Ritzer. Oxford, England: Blackwell.

Wertheimer, Richard, Susan Jekielek, Zakia Redd, and Kristin Moore. 2005. "Government Policies as External Influences on Work-Family Trade-offs." In Work, Family, Health and Well-being edited by Suzanne Bianchi, Lynne Casper and Rosalind King. Mahwah, N.J: Lawrence Erlbaum.

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