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Andrew Jones

Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center.

Research Assistant Professor, Center for Human Growth and Development.

Assistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences, Environmental and Health Sciences, School of Public Health.

Ph.D., Cornell University

Dr. Jones studies the influence of food security on the nutritional status of women and young children in low-income settings in India, southern Africa, and South America. He examines the impact pathways of agriculture and food environments on the food and nutrition security of households in rural, semi-rural, and peri-urban areas. He also conducts research on the the role of food security in shaping the co-occurrence of micronutrient deficiencies and overweight among women of childbearing age, and the consequences of this for infant and child nutrition.

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Lopez, Velma K., Andrew Jones, Carolyn Dombecki, James Trostle, Patricia Mogrovejo, Nancy Castro Morillo, William Cevallos, Jason Goldstick, an, et al. Forthcoming. "Trends of child undernutrition in rural Ecuadorian communities with differential access to roads, 2004-2013." Maternal & Child Nutrition. DOI. Abstract.

Wolfson, J., Andrew Jones, and M. Philbert. 2018. "The U.S. Food Supply: The Need to Protect Biological and Nutritional Safety." American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 54(2): 316-319. DOI.

Moynihan, Meghan, Andrew Jones, Karen E. Peterson, Alejandra Cantoral, Peter X. K. Song, Maritsa Solano-Gonzalez, John D. Meeker, Niladri Basu, an, et al. 2017. "Dietary predictors of urinary cadmium among pregnant women and children." Science of the Total Environment, 575: 1255-1262. DOI. Abstract.

Jones, Andrew. 2017. "On-Farm Crop Species Richness Is Associated with Household Diet Diversity and Quality in Subsistence- and Market-Oriented Farming Households in Malawi." Journal of Nutrition, 147(1): 86-96. DOI. Abstract.

Jones, Andrew, Yubraj Acharya, and Lindsay P. Galway. 2017. "Deforestation and child diet diversity: a geospatial analysis of 15 sub-Saharan African countries." Lancet, 389: 11.

Jones, Andrew. 2017. "Food Insecurity and Mental Health Status: A Global Analysis of 149 Countries." American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 53(2): 264-273. DOI. Abstract.

Jones, Andrew, and Gebisa Ejeta. 2016. "A new global agenda for nutrition and health: the importance of agriculture and food systems." Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 94(3): 228-229. DOI.

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