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Survey that provided telling look into how Detroit blacks viewed 1967 riot largely ignored

Eisenberg says college athletes much less likely than other students to seek help with mental health conditions

Mitchell finds children who lose fathers suffer at cellular level

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Neal Krause wins GSA's Robert Kleemeier Award

U-M awarded $58 million to develop ideas for preventing and treating health problems

Bailey, Eisenberg , and Fomby promoted at PSC

Former PSC trainee Eric Chyn wins PAA's Dorothy S. Thomas Award for best paper

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Reuben J. Miller

Faculty Associate, Population Studies Center.

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work.

Ph.D., Loyola University

Dr. Miller's broad research interests include criminal justice and social welfare policy, race and ethnic relations, and the urban poor.

Select Publications


Haymes, Stephen, Maria Vidal de Haymes, and Reuben J. Miller. 2015. The Routledge Handbook of Poverty in the United States. New York: Routledge.

Journal Articles

Patton, Desmond U., Reuben J. Miller, James Garbarino, Adrian Gale, and Emma Kornfeld. 2016. "Hardiness Scripts: High-Achieving African American Boys In A Chicago Charter School Navigating Community Violence And School." Journal of Community Psychology, 44(5): 638-655. DOI. Abstract.

Miller, Reuben J., Janice Williams Miller, Jelena Zeleskov Djoric, and Desmond Patton. 2015. "Baldwin's Mill." Humanity and Society, 39(4): 456-475. DOI. Abstract.

Miller, Reuben J. 2014. "Devolving the carceral state: Race, prisoner reentry, and the micro-politics of urban poverty management." Punishment and Society, 16(3): 305-335. DOI. Abstract.

Miller, Reuben J. 2013. "Race, Hyper-Incarceration, and US Poverty Policy in Historic Perspective." Sociology Compass, 7(7): 573-589. DOI. Abstract.

Nkansa-Amankra, S., S. Agbanu, and Reuben J. Miller. 2013. "Disparities in health, poverty, incarceration and social justice among racial groups in the United States." International Journal of Health Services, 43(2): 217-240. DOI. Abstract.

Miller, Reuben J., and S. Haymes. 2012. "Poverty, incarceration: A brief introduction." Journal of Poverty, 16(3): 233-235. DOI.

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