Rob Stephenson

Rob Stephenson

Faculty Associate, Population Studies Center.
Director of Academic Program, School of Nursing.
Professor, Health Behavior & Health Education, School of Public Health.
Professor, School of Nursing.
Ph.D., Demography, University of Southampton, UK
Research Interests:  Dr. Stephenson examines sexual and reproductive health, with a focus on the development and testing of HIV prevention interventions for sexuality minority populations, efforts to increase HIV care adherence, and the identification of how gender inequality puts women in poor countries at risk of negative maternal health outcomes.

Select Projects

HIV prevention and care for couples in South Africa (NIMH)

Expansion of NCD Research Capacity in Thailand with Outreach to Indonesia (Fogarty)

Partner Violence in Transgender Populations: Context, Risk, and Health Impact (NICHD)

The UNC/Emory Center for Innovative Technology (iTech) across the prevention and care continuum (NICHD)

Acceptability and feasibility of self-collecting biological specimens among high-risk populations (NIAID)

Discrimination, Stress and Substance Use Disorder among Sexual Minority Adults: A Secondary Analysis of NESARC-III (NIDA)

We Prevent: A dyadic approach to HIV prevention and care among young male couples (NICHD)

Engaging African American and Latino MSM for HIV Testing and Prevention Services through Technology (CDC)

Theoretically Based Mobile App to Increase PrEP Uptake Among MSM (NIDA)

Hierarchical Influences on PrEP use, willingness and readiness among male couples (NIMH)

Dyadic care for sero-discordant male couples (Mac Aids Fund)

Adapting a Life Skills Application to Address Interpersonal Relationship in College (Michigan State Police, Department of)

The UNC/Emory Center for Innovative Technology (iTech) across the prevention and care continuum (NICHD)

Reducing HIV vulnerability through a multilevel life skills intervention for adolescent men (NIMHD)

Optimizing HIV counseling testing and referral through an adaptive drug use intervention (NIDA)

"Young Africans' Social Representations of HIV/AIDS, 1997-2014" - NARRATIVE (NICHD)

Mobile Messaging Intervention to Present New HIV Prevention Options for MSM (CDC)

HIV prevention for male couples in Africa (Mac Aids Fund)

Understanding the HIV prevention needs of male couples in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (DFID)

NEXUS - Providing online counseling for home based HIV testing (NICHD)

CVCTPlus: A Couples-Based Approach to Linkage to Care and ARV Adherence (NICHD)

Creating Optimal Linkage to Prevention and Care Services for Young MSM in Southeast Michigan (Herb Ritts Foundation)

Providing online counseling for home based HIV testing - Nexus admin supplement (NICHD)

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