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Johnson says PSID's income, wealth, and consumption data allow synergistic research on material living standards

Brown: Evidence indicates increasing minimum wage has a modest negative impact on employment in the short term

Wagner and Heeringa study facets of suicide risk among US Army soldiers

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Call for Papers: PSID User Conference 2018: Child Wellbeing and Outcomes in Childhood, Young Adulthood, and over the Lifecourse

Martha Bailey elected to the Board of Officers of the Society of Labor Economists

Charlie Brown elected to the Board of Officers of the Society of Labor Economists

Patrick Kline wins SOLE's Sherwin Rosen Prize for "Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Labor Economics"

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Pamela E. Davis-Kean

Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center.

Research Professor, Center for Human Growth and Development, Survey Research Center.

Professor, Department of Psychology.

Research Professor, Research Center for Group Dynamics/Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research.

Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

Dr. Davis-Kean's research explores the relationships and pathways between parental SES - particular, parental education - and children's achievement outcomes.

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Olson, Sheryl L., Pamela E. Davis-Kean, Meichu Chen, Jennifer E. Lansford, John E. Bates, Gregory S. Pettit, and Kenneth A. Dodge. Forthcoming. "Mapping the Growth of Heterogeneous Forms of Externalizing Problem Behavior Between Early Childhood and Adolescence: A Comparison of Parent and Teacher Ratings." Journal of abnormal child psychology. DOI. Abstract.

Susperreguy, Maria Ines, Pamela E. Davis-Kean, Kathryn Duckworth, and Meichu Chen. Forthcoming. "Self-Concept Predicts Academic Achievement Across Levels of the Achievement Distribution: Domain Specificity for Math and Reading." Child development. DOI. Abstract.

Tang, S., Pamela E. Davis-Kean, M. Chen, and H.R. Sexton. Forthcoming. "The Longitudinal Achievement Outcomes of Children Born to Adolescent Mothers: Does Continued Education Help?" Journal of Research on Adolescence.

Roach, Elizabeth, Gail B. Viechnicki, Lauren B. Retzloff, Pamela E. Davis-Kean, Julie C. Lumeng, and Alison L. Miller. 2017. "Family food talk, child eating behavior, and maternal feeding practices." Appetite, 117(1): 40-50. DOI. Abstract.

Kramer, Michael R., Eric B. Schneider, Jennifer B. Kane, Claire Margerison-Zilko, Jessica Jones-Smith, Katherine E. King, Pamela E. Davis-Kean, and Joseph G. Grzywacz. 2017. "Getting Under the Skin: Children's Health Disparities as Embodiment of Social Class." Population Research and Policy Review, 48(5): 698-717. DOI. Abstract.

Davis-Kean, Pamela E., and Justin Jager. 2017. "From Small to Big: Methods for Incorporating Large Scale Data into Developmental Science." Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, 82(2): 31-45. DOI. Abstract.

Williams, Abigail B., Joseph P. Ryan, Pamela E. Davis-Kean, Vonnie C. McLoyd, and John E. Schulenberg. 2017. "The Discontinuity of Offending Among African American Youth in the Juvenile Justice System." Youth and Society, 49(5): 610-633. DOI. Abstract.

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