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Daniel Almirall

Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center.

Research Assistant Professor, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research.

Ph.D., University of Michigan

Dr. Almirall's current methodological research interests lie in the broad area of causal inference. He is particularly interested in methods for causal inference using longitudinal data sets in which treatments, covariates, and outcomes are all time-varying. He is also interested in developing statistical methods that can be used to form adaptive interventions, sometimes known as dynamic treatment regimes.

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Almirall, Daniel, Connie Kasari, Daniel F. McCaffrey, and Inbal Nahum-Shani. Forthcoming. "Developing Optimized Adaptive Interventions in Education." Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness. DOI. Abstract.

Kidwell, Kelley M., Nicholas J. Seewald, Qui Tran, Connie Kasari, and Daniel Almirall. Forthcoming. "Design and analysis considerations for comparing dynamic treatment regimens with binary outcomes from sequential multiple assignment randomized trials." Journal of Applied Statistics. DOI. Abstract.

Joseph, Anne M., Daniel Almirall, Alexander J. Rothman, Abbie Begnaud, Caroline Chiles, Paul M. Cinciripini, Steven S. Fu, Amanda L. Graham, et al. Forthcoming. "Lung Cancer Screening and Smoking Cessation Clinical Trials: SCALE Collaboration." American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. DOI. Abstract.

Boruvka, Audrey, Daniel Almirall, Katie Witkiewitz, and Susan A. Murphy. Forthcoming. "Assessing Time-Varying Causal Effect Moderation in Mobile Health." Journal of the American Statistical Association. DOI. Abstract.

Grant, Sean, Daniel Almirall, Denis Agniel, Q. Burkhart, Sarah B. Hunter, Daniel F. McCaffrey, Eric R. Pedersen, Rajeev Ramchand, an, et al. 2017. "Developing adaptive interventions for adolescent substance use treatment settings: protocol of an observational, mixed-methods project." Addiction Science & Clinical Practice, 12(1): 35. DOI. Abstract.

Setodji, Claude M., Daniel F. McCaffrey, Lane F. Burgette, Daniel Almirall, and Beth Ann Griffin. 2017. "The right tool for the job: choosing between covariate balancing and generalized boosted model propensity scores." Epidemiology, 28(6): 802-811. DOI. Abstract.

Wodtke, Geoffrey, and Daniel Almirall. 2017. "Estimating Moderated Causal Effects with Time-Varying Treatments and Time-Varying Moderators: Structural Nested Mean Models and Regression with Residuals." Sociological Methodology, 47(1): 212-245. DOI. Abstract.

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