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Tiffany C.E. Veinot

Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center.

Associate Professor of Information, School of Information.

Associate Professor, Health Behavior & Health Education, School of Public Health.

Ph.D., University of Western Ontario

Dr. Veinot's research interests include identifying factors that affect health information access, acquisition and use in marginalized communities and families, and developing and evaluating "community health informatics" interventions for these groups.

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Iott, Bradley E., Tiffany C.E. Veinot, Jimena Loveluck, Erin Kahle, Leon Golson, and Akilah Benton. Forthcoming. "Comparative Analysis of Recruitment Strategies in a Study of Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) in Metropolitan Detroit." AIDS and Behavior. DOI. Abstract.

Veinot, Tiffany C.E., Charles R. Senteio, David Hanauer, and Julie C. Lowery. Forthcoming. "Comprehensive process model of clinical information interaction in primary care: results of a "best-fit" framework synthesis." Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. DOI. Abstract.

Jones, Lenette M., Tiffany C.E. Veinot, Susan J. Pressler, Patricia Coleman-Burns, and Alecia McCall. Forthcoming. "Exploring Predictors of Information Use to Self-Manage Blood Pressure in Midwestern African American Women with Hypertension." Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. DOI. Abstract.

Jones, Lenette M., Tiffany C.E. Veinot, and Susan J. Pressler. Forthcoming. "Cell Phone Information Seeking Explains Blood Pressure in African American Women." Western Journal of Nursing Research. DOI. Abstract.

Hardy, Jean, Tiffany C.E. Veinot, Philippa J. Clarke, Xiang Yan, Veronica J. Berrocal, Robert Goodspeed, Iris N. Gomez-Lopez, Daniel Romero, an, et al. 2018. "User acceptance of location-tracking technologies in health research: Implications for study design and data quality." Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 79: 7-19. DOI. Abstract.

Senteio, Charles, Tiffany C.E. Veinot, Julia Adler-Milstein, and Caroline R. Richardson. 2018. "Physicians' perceptions of the impact of the EHR on the collection and retrieval of psychosocial information in outpatient diabetes care." International Journal of Medical Informatics, 113: 9-16. DOI. Abstract.

Jones, Lenette M., Kathy D. Wright, McKenzie K. Wallace, and Tiffany C.E. Veinot. 2018. ""Take an opportunity whenever you get it": Information sharing among African-American women with hypertension." Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 69(1): 168-171. DOI. Abstract.

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