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Adriana Reyes

Research Fellow, Population Studies Center.

Postdoctoral Mentor: Robert F. Schoeni

Ph.D., Penn State University

Dr. Reyes' research focuses on family demography and health disparities across the life course. Her current work examines race/ethnic differences in intergenerational family relations, studying the consequences of living arrangements and economic transfers across generations for a variety of well-being outcomes. Adriana is also collaborating on a project examining nativity differences in mortality and health among older adults.

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Garcia, Marc, Adriana Reyes, Brian Downer, Joseph Saenz, Rafael Ternent, and Mukaila Raji. Forthcoming. "Age of Migration and the Incidence of Cognitive Impairment: A Cohort Study of Elder Mexican Americans." Innovation in Aging.

Reyes, Adriana. Forthcoming. "The Economic Organization of Extended Family Households by Race/Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status." Journal of Marriage and Family.

Garcia, Marc A., and Adriana Reyes. Forthcoming. "Prevalence and Trends in Morbidity and Disability Among Older Mexican Americans in the Southwestern United States, 1993-2013." Research on Aging. DOI. Abstract.

Garcia, Marc, and Adriana Reyes. Forthcoming. "Physical Functioning and Disability Trajectories by Age of Migration Among Mexican Elders in the United States." Journals of Gerontology B: Psychological and Social Sciences. DOI. Abstract.

Miranda, Patricia Y., Adriana Reyes, Darrell Hudson, Nengliang Yao, William K. Bleser, S. Amy Snipes, and Rhonda BeLue. 2017. "Reports of self-rated health by citizenship and homeownership, United States 2000-2010." Preventive Medicine, 100: 3-9. DOI. Abstract.

Crystal, Stephen, Dennis G. Shea, and Adriana Reyes. 2017. "Cumulative Advantage, Cumulative Disadvantage, and Evolving Patterns of Late-Life Inequality." Gerontologist, 57(5): 910-920. DOI. Abstract.

Hardy, Melissa A., and Adriana Reyes. 2016. "The Longevity Legacy of World War II: The Intersection of GI Status and Mortality." Gerontologist, 56(1): 104-114. DOI. Abstract.

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