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Work by Geronimus cited in PBS's '5 important stories'

Schoeni and Freedman summarize the good and bad news on dementia trends among older Americans

Geronimus offered an explanation for the black-white gap in maternal and infant health 25 years ago

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U-M participants at 2018 PAA Annual Meeting

PDHP invites applications for Faculty Small Grants in support of population science

Needham, Hicken, Mitchell and colleagues link maternal social disadvantage and newborn telomere length

PSC launches new program to support population scientists across U-M

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Mon, May 7, 2018, noon: Student Forum on Educational Inequality

Erin A. Cech

Faculty Associate, Population Studies Center.

Assistant Professor, Sociology, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

Ph.D., University of California-San Diego

Dr. Cech's research examines how inequality is reproduced through processes that are built into seemingly innocuous cultural beliefs and practices. She uses quantitative and qualitative approaches to examine inequality in STEM professions; she examines how cultural definitions of "good work" and "good workers" can anchor inequality in the workforce; and she studies how cultural understandings of the extent and origin of inequality help to uphold unequal social structures.

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Seron, Carroll, Susan Silbey, Erin A. Cech, and Brian Rubineau. Forthcoming. ""I am Not a Feminist, but. . .": Hegemony of a Meritocratic Ideology and the Limits of Critique Among Women in Engineering." Work and Occupations. DOI. Abstract.

Cech, Erin A., Mary Blair-Loy, and Laura E. Rogers. 2018. "Recognizing chilliness: How schemas of inequality shape views of culture and climate in work environments." American Journal of Cultural Sociology, 6(1): 125-160. DOI. Abstract.

Cech, Erin A., and Lindsey Trimble O'Connor. 2017. "'Like second-hand smoke': the toxic effect of workplace flexibility bias for workers' health." Community, Work & Family, 20(5): 543-572. DOI. Abstract.

Cech, Erin A., Anneke Metz, Jessi L. Smith, and Karen deVries. 2017. "Epistemological Dominance and Social Inequality: Experiences of Native American Science, Engineering, and Health Students." Science, Technology, & Human Values, 42(5): 743-774. DOI. Abstract.

Cech, Erin A., and Michelle Pham. 2017. "Queer in STEM Organizations: Workplace Disadvantages for LGBT Employees in STEM Related Federal Agencies." Social Sciences, 6(1): 12. DOI. Abstract.

Blair-Loy, Mary, and Erin A. Cech. 2017. "Demands and Devotion: Cultural Meanings of Work and Overload Among Women Researchers and Professionals in Science and Technology Industries." Sociological Forum, 32(1): 5-27. DOI. Abstract.

Cech, Erin A. 2017. "Rugged Meritocratists: The Role of Overt Bias and the Meritocratic Ideology in Trump Supporters' Opposition to Social Justice Efforts." Socius, 3: 2378023117712395. DOI. Abstract.

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