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Geronimus: Stress makes black women 7.5 years older in biological age than white counterparts

Frey rethinks trends in Millennial mass urganization

Shaefer on new UN report about America's failing safety net

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Seefeldt promoted to associate professor of social work, associate professor of public policy

Martha Bailey elected to the Board of Officers of the Society of Labor Economists

Charlie Brown elected to the Board of Officers of the Society of Labor Economists

Former PSC trainee Patrick Kline wins SOLE's Sherwin Rosen Prize for "Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Labor Economics"

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David S. Johnson

Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center.

Director, Panel Study of Income Dynamics, Institute for Social Research.

Research Professor, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research.

Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Dr. Johnson's research interests include the measurement of inequality and mobility (using income, consumption and wealth), the effects of tax rebates, equivalence scale estimation, poverty measurement, and price indexes.

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Fixler, Dennis, David S. Johnson, Andrew Craig, and Kevin Furlong-Norman. 2017. "A Consistent Data Series to Evaluate Growth and Inequality in the National Accounts." Review of Income and Wealth, 63(s2): S437-S459. DOI. Abstract.

Fisher, Jonathan, David S. Johnson, Jonathan Latner, Timothy Smeeding, and Jeffrey Thompson. 2016. "Inequality and Mobility Using Income, Consumption, and Wealth for the Same Individuals." RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 2(6): 44-58. DOI. Abstract.

Fisher, J., David S. Johnson, and T. Smeeding. 2015. "Inequality of Income and Consumption in the U.S.: Measuring the Trends in Inequality from 1984 to 2011 for the Same Individuals." Review of Income and Wealth, 61(4): 630-650. DOI. Abstract.

Johnson, David S., Catherine Massey, and A. O'Hara. 2015. "The Opportunities and Challenges of Using Administrative Data Linkages to Evaluate Mobility." The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 657(1): 247-264. DOI. Abstract.

Fisher, J., David S. Johnson, and T. Smeeding. 2014. "Imputing income in the Consumer Expenditure Interview Survey." Monthly Labor Review, 137.

Parker, J.A., N.S. Souleles, David S. Johnson, and R. McClelland. 2013. "Consumer Spending and the Economic Stimulus Payments of 2008." American Economic Review, 103(6): 2530-2553. DOI. Abstract.

Fisher, J.D., David S. Johnson, and T.M. Smeeding. 2013. "Measuring the Trends in Inequality of Individuals and Families: Income and Consumption." American Economic Review, 103(3): 184-188. DOI. Abstract.

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