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Megan E. Patrick

Funded Research:

The Impact of Tobacco Control Policies on Health Equity in the United States (NCI)

Personalized mobile app intervention: Challenging alcohol expectancies to reduce high-risk alcohol use and consequences (NIAAA)

Monitoring the Future: A Cohort-Sequential Panel Study of Drug Use, Ages 19-60 (NIDA)

Monitoring the Future: Drug Use and Lifestyles of American Youth (NIDA)

Intensive Daily Measurement of Simultaneous Alcohol and Marijuana Use in a High-Risk Community Sample of Young Adults: Impacts on Acute and Longer-term Use and Consequences (NIAAA)

Multidisciplinary Alcoholism Research Training Program (NIAAA)

Dynamic Links Between Risk Factors, Substance Use, and Consequences: Ages 18-35 (NIDA)

Extreme Binge Drinking during the Transition to Adulthood (NIAAA)

Examining Developmental, Contextual, and Historical Effects of Civic Engagement during the Transition to Adulthood: An Integrative Interdisciplinary Approach (Spencer Found)

Event-level Analysis of Expectancies, Alcohol Use and Consequences (NIAAA)

Neurodevelopmental Pathways in Adolescent Health Risk Behavior (NICHD)

Developmental Models of High-Risk Alcohol Use & Social Roles in Young Adulthood (NIAAA)

Monitoring the Future: A Cohort-Sequential Panel Study of Drug Use, Ages 19-55 (NIDA)

Monitoring the Future: Drug Use and Lifestyles of American Youth (NIDA)

Energy Drinks and Alcohol Use: Covariates, Consequences, and Risk Factors (NIAAA)

Prevalence, Predictors, and Consequences of Alcohol Use from Childhood to Midlife (NIAAA)

Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center.

Research Associate Professor, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research.

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Patrick's research focuses on the development and consequences of adolescent and young adult risk behaviors, including alcohol use, drug use, and risky sexual behaviors. Her interests include event-specific risk behaviors, motivation and decision-making, the prevention of health risk behaviors, statistical methods for modeling behavior and behavior change, and web-based survey methodology.

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Patrick, Megan E., Deborah Denise Kloska, Yvonne M. Terry-McElrath, Christine M. Lee, Patrick M. OíMalley, and Lloyd Johnston. Forthcoming. "Patterns of simultaneous and concurrent alcohol and marijuana use among adolescents." The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. DOI. Abstract.

Evans-Polce, Rebecca, Megan E. Patrick, Stephanie T. Lanza, Richard A. Miech, Patrick M. O'Malley, and Lloyd Johnston. Forthcoming. "Reasons for Vaping among U.S. 12th Graders." Journal of Adolescent Health. DOI. Abstract.

Vasilenko, Sara A., Ashley Linden-Carmichael, Stephanie T. Lanza, and Megan E. Patrick. Forthcoming. "Sexual Behavior and Heavy Episodic Drinking Across the Transition to Adulthood: Differences by College Attendance." Journal of Research on Adolescence. DOI. Abstract.

Patrick, Megan E., Mick P. Couper, Virginia B. Laetz, John E. Schulenberg, Patrick M. O'Malley, Lloyd Johnston, and Richard A. Miech. Forthcoming. "A Sequential Mixed Mode Experiment in the U.S. National Monitoring the Future Study." Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology. DOI. Abstract.

Jang, Bohyun Joy, Megan E. Patrick, and Megan S. Schuler. Forthcoming. "Substance Use Behaviors and the Timing of Family Formation During Young Adulthood." Journal of Family Issues. DOI. Abstract.

Johnson, M.K., J. Staff, Megan E. Patrick, and John E. Schulenberg. Forthcoming. "Adolescent adaptation before, during and in the aftermath of the Great Recession in the USA." International Journal of Psychology. DOI. Abstract.

Martz, M., John E. Schulenberg, Megan E. Patrick, and D. Kloska. Forthcoming. ""I Am So Bored!": Prevalence Rates and Sociodemographic and Contextual Correlates of High Boredom Among American Adolescents." Youth and Society. DOI. Abstract.

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