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room: 3148 LSA


Sanyu Mojola

Faculty Associate, Population Studies Center.

Associate Professor, Sociology.

Ph.D., University of Chicago

Dr. Mojola examines how societies produce health and illness. She is especially interested in understanding social processes, mechanisms, and patterns of social organization that lead to health inequality related to gender, race/ethnicity, life course stage, and socioeconomic status. Her past and ongoing work primarily focuses on the HIV/AIDS pandemic as it unfolds in various settings such as Kenya, the United States and South Africa.

Select Publications


Mojola, Sanyu. 2014. Love, Money and HIV: Becoming a Modern African Woman in the Age of AIDS. University of California Press. Abstract. Public Access.

Journal Articles

Angotti, Nicole, Sanyu Mojola, Enid Schatz, Jill R. Williams, and F. Xavier Gómez-Olivé. 2017. "'Taking care' in the age of AIDS: older rural South Africans' strategies for surviving the HIV epidemic." Culture, Health & Sexuality, 0. DOI. Abstract.

Mojola, Sanyu. 2015. "Material girls and Material love: Consuming femininity and the contradictions of post-girl power among Kenyan schoolgirls." Continuum, 29(2): 218-229. DOI. Abstract.

Okigbo, Chinelo C., Caroline W. Kabiru, Joyce N. Mumah, Sanyu Mojola, and Donatien Beguy. 2015. "Influence of parental factors on adolescents' transition to first sexual intercourse in Nairobi, Kenya: a longitudinal study." Reproductive Health, 12: 73. DOI. Abstract.

Mojola, Sanyu, Jill Williams, Nicole Angotti, and F. Xavier Gómez-Olivé. 2015. "HIV after 40 in Rural South Africa: A Life Course Approach to HIV Vulnerability among Middle Aged and Older Adults." Social Science and Medicine, 143: 204-212. DOI. Abstract.

Mojola, Sanyu. 2014. "Providing Women, Kept Men: Doing Masculinity in the Wake of the African HIV/AIDS Pandemic." Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 39(2): 341-363. DOI. Abstract.

Kabiru, Caroline W., Sanyu Mojola, Donatien Beguy, and Chinelo Okigbo. 2013. "Growing Up at the "Margins": Concerns, Aspirations, and Expectations of Young People Living in Nairobi's Slums." Journal of Research on Adolescence, 23(1): 81-94. DOI. Abstract.

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