Sara Heller

Sara Heller

Faculty Associate, Population Studies Center.
Assistant Professor of Economics.
Ph.D., Public Policy, University of Chicago
Dr. Heller studies interventions to reduce crime and improve other life outcomes among disadvantaged youth. She uses large-scale experiments to isolate the causal effects of a variety of programs, including those promoting youth employment.

Select Publications

Heller, Sara, and Judd B. Kessler. Forthcoming. "How to Allocate Slots: the Market Design of Summer Youth Employment Programs." In Fair by Design: Economic Design Approaches to Inequality edited by S.D. Kominers and A. Teytelboym. Oxford University Press. (Oxford University Press Series on Inequality in the Twenty-First Century)

Davis, Jonathan, and Sara Heller. 2017. "Using Causal Forests to Predict Treatment Heterogeneity: An Application to Summer Jobs." American Economic Review, 107(5): 546-550.

Heller, Sara. 2016. "Thinking, Fast and Slow? Some Field Experiments to Reduce Crime and Dropout in Chicago." Quarterly Journal of Economics, 132(1): 1-54.

Heller, Sara. 2014. "Summer jobs reduce violence among disadvantaged youth." Science, 346(6214): 1219-1223.

Select Projects

READI Chicago Impact Evaluation (J. P. Morgan)

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