Sara Heller

Sara Heller

Faculty Associate, Population Studies Center.
Assistant Professor of Economics.
Ph.D., Public Policy, University of Chicago
Research Interests:  Dr. Heller studies interventions to reduce crime and improve other life outcomes among disadvantaged youth. She uses large-scale experiments to isolate the causal effects of a variety of programs, including those promoting youth employment.

Select Publications

Heller, Sara, and Judd B. Kessler. Forthcoming. "How to Allocate Slots: the Market Design of Summer Youth Employment Programs." In Fair by Design: Economic Design Approaches to Inequality edited by S.D. Kominers and A. Teytelboym. Oxford University Press. (Oxford University Press Series on Inequality in the Twenty-First Century)

Davis, Jonathan, and Sara Heller. 2017. "Using Causal Forests to Predict Treatment Heterogeneity: An Application to Summer Jobs." American Economic Review, 107(5): 546-550.

Heller, Sara. 2016. "Thinking, Fast and Slow? Some Field Experiments to Reduce Crime and Dropout in Chicago." Quarterly Journal of Economics, 132(1): 1-54.

Heller, Sara. 2014. "Summer jobs reduce violence among disadvantaged youth." Science, 346(6214): 1219-1223.

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