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Buchmueller says employee wages are hit harder than corporate profits by rising health insurance costs

Davis-Kean et al. link children's self-perceptions to their math and reading achievement

Yang and Mahajan examine how hurricanes impact migration to the US

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Pamela Smock elected to PAA Committee on Publications

Viewing the eclipse from ISR-Thompson

Paula Fomby to succeed Jennifer Barber as Associate Director of PSC

PSC community celebrates Violet Elder's retirement from PSC

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Mon, Sept 11, 2017, noon:
Welcoming of Postdoctoral Fellows: Angela Bruns, Karra Greenberg, Sarah Seelye and Emily Treleaven

Angela Bruns

Postdoctoral Fellow, Population Studies Center.

Postdoctoral Mentor: Natasha V. Pilkauskas

Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle

Dr. Bruns' research investigates the consequences of social and structural inequality for women and their families. She uses quantitative and qualitative methods to examine the ways in which several dimensions of inequality impact individual attitudes and behaviors regarding work, family, and health. Recent projects examine the collateral consequences of partner incarceration for women's employment outcomes, how the conditions of low wage workers' jobs influence the work-family interface, and the relationship between adolescents' exposure to single-parent families and their attitudes toward marriage.