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Levy et al find state budget gains outweigh Medicaid expansion costs in Michigan

Indian lab cofounded by Adhvaryu demonstrates links among women's skills training, employment, welfare, and company profits

Bleakley says state educational initiatives favoring skills-oriented career training may have more ROI for employers than workers

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Live coverage of former Census director on crucial issues surrounding Census 2020. TODAY 2 pm.

PDHP invites applications for Faculty Small Grants in support of population science

ISR seeking applicants for new Community Guides program

PRB policy communication training for pre-docs extends application deadline to March 12

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Emily Treleaven

Funded Research:

Children's Health and Migration (NICHD)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Population Studies Center.

Research Fellow, Program in Society, Population and Environment, Survey Research Center.

Postdoctoral Mentor: William G. Axinn

Ph.D., University of California - San Francisco

Dr. Treleaven's research examines the effects of population change and social context on children's health and mortality in low- and middle-income countries. She is interested in how migration and urbanization, gender bias, and other social and structural determinants shape care-seeking behaviors, health, and health disparities for children and their families. Her current work includes several projects related to children's health, migration, and community context in South Asia.

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Diamond-Smith, Nadia, Emily Treleaven, Nirmala Murphy, and May Sudhinaraset. 2017. "Women's empowerment and experiences of mistreatment during childbirth in facilities in Lucknow, India: results from a cross-sectional study." BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 17(suppl 2): 335. DOI. Abstract.

Moseson, Heidi, Emily Treleaven, Caitlin Gerdts, and Nadia Diamond-Smith. 2017. "The List Experiment for Measuring Abortion: What We Know and What We Need." Studies in Family Planning, 48(4): 397-405. DOI. Abstract.

Treleaven, Emily, Toan Ngoc Pham, Duy Ngoc Le, Trevor Brooks, Hai Thanh Le, and J. Colin Partridge. 2017. "Referral patterns, delays, and equity in access to advanced paediatric emergency care in Vietnam." International Journal for Equity in Health, 16: 215. DOI. Abstract.

Liu, Jenny, Lisa Prach, Emily Treleaven, Mara Hansen, Jennifer Anyanti, Temple Jagha, Vince Seaman, Olufemi Ajumobi, and Chinwoke Isiguzo. 2016. "The role of drug vendors in improving basic health-care services in Nigeria." Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 94: 267-275. DOI. Abstract.

Sudhinaraset, May, Emily Treleaven, Jason Melo, Kanksha Singh, and Nadia Diamond-Smith. 2016. "Women's status and experiences of mistreatment during childbirth in Uttar Pradesh: a mixed methods study using cultural health capital theory." BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 16: 332. DOI. Abstract.

Treleaven, Emily, Pham Ngoc Toan, Duy Ngoc Le, Nadia Diamond-Smith, J. Colin Patridge, and Hai Thanh Le. 2016. "Gender disparities in child health care seeking in northern Vietnam." Asian Population Studies, 12(3): 312-330. DOI. Abstract.

Treleaven, Emily, Jenny Liu, Lisa Prach, and Chinwoke Isiguzo. 2015. "Management of paediatric illnesses by patent and proprietary medicine vendors in Nigeria." Malaria Journal, 14: 232. DOI. Abstract.

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