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Adhvaryu on how promoting worker welfare contributes to profitability in India's garment industry

Murphy says suburban communities that declined in the 1960s fared better than those declining since the Great Recession

Levy et al find state budget gains outweigh Medicaid expansion costs in Michigan

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Live coverage of former Census director on crucial issues surrounding Census 2020. TODAY 2 pm.

PDHP invites applications for Faculty Small Grants in support of population science

ISR seeking applicants for new Community Guides program

PRB policy communication training for pre-docs extends application deadline to March 12

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Mon, April 2, 2018, noon: Sean Reardon on Educational Inequality

Haena Lee

Postdoctoral Fellow Affiliate, Population Studies Center.

Research Fellow, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research.

Postdoctoral Mentor: Jacqui E. Smith

Ph.D., University of Chicago

Dr. Lee's research examines how and why context matters for health over the life course. She is interested in assessing cumulative health risk beginning in early childhood context and continuing with acquisitions of resources in adulthood. Using social sequence analysis, her current work investigates the pathways linking childhood family and school context to later-life health and how later-life health reflects variability in life opportunities in adulthood.

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Peng, Robert, Haena Lee, Zheng Ke, and Milda Saunders. Online Access 2018. "Racial disparities in kidney transplant waitlist appearance in Chicago: Is it race or place?" Clinical Transplantation. DOI. Abstract.

Saunders, Milda, Haena Lee, and Marshall Chin. 2017. "Early Winners and Losers in Dialysis Center Pay-for- Performance." BMC Health Services Research, 17: 816. DOI. Abstract.

Lee, Haena, and Linda J. Waite. 2017. "Cognition in Context: The Role of Objective and Subjective Measures of Neighborhood and Household in Cognitive Functioning in Later Life." The Gerontologist, 58(1): 159-169. DOI. Abstract.

Caldwell, Julia, Haena Lee, and Kathleen Cagney. Online Access 2017. "Disablement in Context: Neighborhood Characteristics and Their Association with Frailty Onset Among Older Adults." Journals of Gerontology B: Psychological and Social Sciences. DOI. Abstract.

Caldwell, Julia, Haena Lee, and Kathleen Cagney. 2017. "The Role of Primary Care for the Oral Health of Rural and Urban Older Adults." The Journal of Rural Health, 33: 409-418. DOI. Abstract.

Saunders, Milda, Haena Lee, G. Caleb Alexander, Hyo Jung Takahashi, J. Richard Thistlethwaite, and Lanie F. Ross. 2015. "Racial Disparities in Reaching the Renal Transplant Waitlist: Is Geography as Important as Race?" Clinical Transplantation, 29(6): 531-538.. DOI. Abstract.

Saunders, Milda, Haena Lee, Chieko Maene, Todd Schuble, and Kathleeen Cagney. 2014. "Proximity Does Not Equal Access: Racial Disparities in Access to High Quality Dialysis Facilities." Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, 1(4): 291-299. DOI. Abstract.