Meghan O'Neil

Meghan O'Neil

Research Investigator, Population Studies Center.
Ph.D., Sociology, University at Albany
Research Interests:  Dr. O'Neil studies how our most vulnerable citizens interact with the judicial system to understand how excessive court-mandated costs can spur deleterious consequences such as homelessness, bankruptcy, criminal activity, and victimization. Her work uncovers the role court-ordered fines, fees, and costs play in perpetuating poverty and sustaining gender and racial disparities in American families. Her work is supported by the Arnold Foundation with which she is co-investigator and site leader for the State of Michigan on "Mixed Methods Multi-State Fines and Fees."

Select Publications

O'Neil, Meghan, and J.J. Prescott. 2019. "Targeting Poverty in the Courts: Improving the Measurement of Ability to Pay." Law and Contemporary Problems, 82: 199-226.

O'Neil, Meghan. 2018. "Housing Policy, Race, Inequality, and Disparate Impact." Phylon, 55(1-2): 60-92.

Select Projects

Fees and Fines in Community Corrections: A Multi-State Study (Laura and John Arnold Foundation)

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