Sarah Patterson

Sarah Patterson

Postdoctoral Fellow, Population Studies Center.
Ph.D., Soc & Demography, Pennsylvania State University

PSC Mentor: Robert F. Schoeni

Research Interests:  Demographic shifts in life expectancy, family structure, and gendered patterns of caregiving and employment converge to create new and ever-changing forms of social inequality. Dr. Patterson's research is concerned with how, in this changing demographic environment, enduring norms and expectations around families and for individual family members function across three domains. First, she explores the demography of aging, or how population aging in tandem with changing family forms contribute to social inequality across the life course. Second, she explores family demography and intergenerational inequality, or how family structure changes and norms around family roles contribute to inequality across and between generations. And third, Dr. Patterson explores gender inequality at the work and family nexus, or how work and family individually and interactively contribute to trends in gender inequality. Her projects cover a range of topics including caregiving, work, education, and mortality.

Select Publications

Patterson, Sarah. Forthcoming. "Educational Attainment Differences in Attitudes toward Provisions of IADL Care for Older Adults in the U.S." Journal of Aging and Social Policy.

Daw, Jonathan, Ashton M. Verdery, and Sarah Patterson. Forthcoming. "Beyond household walls: the spatial structure of American extended kinship networks." Mathematical Population Studies.

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