Tom E. Fricke

Tom E. Fricke

Research Professor, Population Studies Center.
Professor, Anthropology.
Research Professor, Survey Research Center.
Professor, Anthropology.
Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Wisconsin
Dr. Fricke's interests include anthropological demography, social change, and the family and fertility in Nepal and South and East Asia. His current research projects include a study of economy, family change, and fertility in Nepal; an analysis of social organization, women's status, and the marital context of fertility among the Tamang of Nepal; and work on social change, the family and fertility in Taiwan.

Select Publications

Hoey, B.A., and Tom E. Fricke. 2007. ""From sweet potatoes to God Almighty": Roy Rappaport on being a hedgehog." American Ethnologist, 34(3): 581-599.

Fricke, Tom E., and Keith Taylor. 2006. "Introduction." Michigan Quarterly Review, 45(1): 1.

Axinn, William G., Tom E. Fricke, and Arland Thornton. 2006. "The microdemographic community study approach: Improving survey data by integrating the ethnographic method." In Mixed Method Data Collection Strategies edited by Axinn, William G., Pearce, Lisa D.. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Fricke, T. E. 2006. "Imagining Yhebe: Of friendship and the field." Michigan Quarterly Review, 45(1): 197-217.

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