Tom E. Fricke

Tom E. Fricke

Research Professor, Population Studies Center.
Professor, Anthropology.
Research Professor, Survey Research Center.
Professor, Anthropology.
Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Wisconsin
Research Interests:  Dr. Fricke's interests include anthropological demography, social change, and the family and fertility in Nepal and South and East Asia. His current research projects include a study of economy, family change, and fertility in Nepal; an analysis of social organization, women's status, and the marital context of fertility among the Tamang of Nepal; and work on social change, the family and fertility in Taiwan.

Select Publications

Hoey, B.A., and Tom E. Fricke. 2007. ""From sweet potatoes to God Almighty": Roy Rappaport on being a hedgehog." American Ethnologist, 34(3): 581-599.

Fricke, Tom E., and Keith Taylor. 2006. "Introduction." Michigan Quarterly Review, 45(1): 1.

Axinn, William G., Tom E. Fricke, and Arland Thornton. 2006. "The microdemographic community study approach: Improving survey data by integrating the ethnographic method." In Mixed Method Data Collection Strategies edited by Axinn, William G., Pearce, Lisa D.. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Fricke, T. E. 2006. "Imagining Yhebe: Of friendship and the field." Michigan Quarterly Review, 45(1): 197-217.

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