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Mon, Jan 22, 2018, noon: Narayan Sastry

Jersey Liang

Professor, Health Management and Policy, School of Public Health.

Research Professor, Institute of Gerontology.

Ph.D., Wayne State University

Dr. Liang studies health trajectories, quality of life, and geriatric care from a cross-cultural perspective. His current research focuses on quality of life at the individual and population levels, dynamic models of health and health care in old age, and comparative analysis of geriatric care management and policy.

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Murayama, Hiroshi, Jersey Liang, Benjamin A. Shaw, Anda Botoseneanu, Erika Kobayashi, Taro Fukaya, and Shoji Shinkai. Forthcoming. "Changes in health behaviors and the trajectory of body mass index among older Japanese: A 19-year longitudinal study." Geriatrics & Gerontology International. DOI. Abstract.

Kuo, Li-Min, Huei-Ling Huang, Jersey Liang, Yam-Ting Kwok, Wen-Chuin Hsu, Pei-Ling Su, and Yea-Ing L. Shyu. 2017. "A randomized controlled trial of a home-based training programme to decrease depression in family caregivers of persons with dementia." Journal of Advanced Nursing, 73(3): 585-598. DOI. Abstract.

Cigolle, Christine, Corey L. Nagel, Caroline S. Blaum, Jersey Liang, and Ana R. Quinones. Online Access 2016. "Inconsistency in the Self-report of Chronic Diseases in Panel Surveys: Developing an Adjudication Method for the Health and Retirement Study." Journals of Gerontology Series B-Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences. DOI. Abstract.

Huang, Y.F., Jersey Liang, and Y. I. L. Shyu. 2016. "Number of Comorbidities Negatively Influence Psychological Outcomes of the Elderly Following Hip Fracture in Taiwan." Journal of Aging and Health, 28(8): 1343-1361. DOI. Abstract.

Hybels, C.F., J.M. Bennett, L.R. Landerman, Jersey Liang, B.L. Plassman, and B. Wu. 2016. "Trajectories of depressive symptoms and oral health outcomes in a community sample of older adults." International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 31(1): 83-91. DOI. Abstract.

Hybels, C.F., B. Wu, L.R. Landerman, Jersey Liang, J.M. Bennett, and B.L. Plassman. 2016. "Trends in decayed teeth among middle-aged and older adults in the United States: socioeconomic disparities persist over time." Journal of Public Health Dentistry, 76(4): 287-294. DOI. Abstract.

Murayama, H., Jersey Liang, J.M. Bennett, B.A. Shaw, A. Botoseneanu, E. Kobayashi, T. Fukaya, and S. Shinkai. 2016. "Socioeconomic Status and the Trajectory of Body Mass Index Among Older Japanese: A Nationwide Cohort Study of 1987-2006." Journals of Gerontology Series B-Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 71(2): 378-388. DOI. Abstract.